10 April 2008

ECOMMERCE 2.0: 593 ways to commercialize consumers' inclinations to collaborate, co-buy, review, rate & (geo)tag your shop's inventory & service

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: ART 2.0, CONTENT COMMERCE 2.0, ECONOMY 2.0, FASHION 2.0, FINANCE 2.0, GUIDE 2.0, LOGISTICS 2.0, MECOMMERCE 2.0, REAL ESTATE 2.0, SERVICE COMMERCE 2.0, TRAVEL 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Baynote - Recommendation solutions. View.

Besttripchoices - Find destinations tailored to your interests. View.

Bfdbuilder** - Create, name & order your own Domino pizza. View.

Billmelater - Shop now, pay later (no credit cards). View.

Bounty* - Club for growing families. View.

Browsegoods - Zoom & pan interface to visual searching of shopping goods. View.

Bunnybot - Shop with help from bot. View.

Cardomain - Community of car enthusiasts. View.

Cargurus - Automotive community. View.

Carol* - Gather & share health care information, buy services & products. View.

Citysearch* - Social shopping guide. View.

Claseo* - Closed lifestyle shopping portal. View.

Dealburnr - Bargain shopping community. View.

Designerpages - Search architecture & design products. View.

Dirtbagmusic*** - Hardrock music community. View.

Displaywars - Graphically compare screen sizes. View.

Divorce360 - Help each other contemplating, going through or recovering from divorce. View.

Dosomegoodnow - For every Good House sold; a West-African home-builder's training will be funded. View.

Elfster - Invite your dear ones, draw names & exchange gifts. View.

Fashionmash* - Explore, submit & get feedback on your outfits. View.

Flattenme - Order a personalized storybook. View.

Flickflop - Trade your used DVDs. View.

Flyrig - Find & rate rental appartments (and submit restaurants & shops info) in New York. View.

Flyrig - Find & rate rental appartments (and submit restaurants & shops info) in New York. View.

Gbox* - Social commerce widget for gift-giving. View.

Genbook - Convert site traffic into bookings. View.

Giventake* - Barter your stuff (free). View.

Holidot~ - Travel search engine & community. View.

Hungrysuitcase* - Plan your vacation by the contents of your suitcase. View.

Ideeli - Invite-only luxury shop selling at 50 - 90% discounts. View.

Ikan - Buy scanner, keep track of groceries & create shopping lists. View.

Inzoco - Real estate search engine. View.

Jackpotrewards - Get cash back on more than 20 million products at more than 550 retailers & win the jackpot. View.

Kango* - Plan your vacation based on themes. View.

Knotler - Mobile & online collaborative shopping list. View.

Magento - Open-source ecommerce solution. View.

Music-alerts* - Get alerts on album releases by rss feed. View.

Mydeco - 3D design & furnish your home. View.

Myshoppingpal - Profile your sizes, tastes & preferences, and get the right fashion shopping offers. View.

Nuconomy - Track, analyze & optimize user behavior. View.

Ourbania - Community of real estate enthusiasts. View.

Placely - Coordinate your trip with others while traveling. View.

Productblazer - Find manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers & retailers. View.

Productclash* - Peer reviewed & rated product comparisons. View.

Propertyqube - Share experiences related to your property. View.

Qbichotels***~ - Chain of pod hotels (Cubi: Each Cubi features a practical configuration, with an extra long Hästens bed, Philippe Starck design bathroom elements, LCD TV, high-speed Internet, safe and an ingenious work-and-dine set). View.

Rasba - Social e-commerce platform. View.

Rentine - Connects asset owners with renters and facilitates transactions. View.

Rosaloves - Buy cool T-shirts; procedes will be donated to good causes. View.

Secondrotation - Get cash for your old gadgets. View.

Shangby - Shop cheap for jewelry in China, from home. View.

Sidestep - Travel search engine. View.

Sirhanssloane - Order hand crafted limited edition artisanal chocolates and pralines. View.

Siteheart* - Have a chat dialogue, deal it out & transact. View.

Smarterreviews - Compare products. View.

Smartratings* - Compare products calibrating your own algorithm. View.

Solow - Participate in lowest unique bid auctions. View.

Splinq~* - Register as a member & get 50% of the kick-back if you buy something. View.

Spotmerchant - Create & manage Web 2.0 store. View.

Spruz - Create free website for social networking, ecommerce, etc. View.

Studio28couture - Design & order your unique dress. View.

Tailgate - Transaction banner technology. View.

Tellmewhere - Social shopping guide. View.

Tenantmarket - Search for houses or renters. View.

Terabitz** - Startpage for all your real estate tools, apps & data. View.

Trustedword - Social directory guide. View.

Trythis* - Ask questions, get & give recommendations on what to buy where. View.

Twenga - Social shopping portal. View.

Veedow** - Opt in to shopping startpage. View.

Viagogo** - Secundary ticket marketplace. View.

Vibeagent - Explore, book & review hotels. View.

Viewpoints - Post & search for reviews across 20+ categories. View.

Vzaar - Insert a sales video into your eBay listing. View.

Wallhogs - Buy oversize prints of your photos. View.

Woot - Online store & community that sells cool stuff cheap. View.

Yellowbot - Local search & community discussion resource. View.

Youbars* - Specify & order customized nutrition bars. View.

Youswop - Exchange & trade any stuff. View.

Zilok* - Rent anything at the closest spot. View.

Zilpy - Rental homes search service. View.

Zolve - Community for real estate professionals. View.

Zomoto~** - Submit your car, get its valuation & monthly cost assessed. View.

Zzzphone** - Customize your cellphone. View.

1sthomeexchange - Swap your house. View.

43deals - Find best deals. View.

8by1 - Share your wish. View.

Abaqueinside - Catalogue ware. View.

Absurdlycool - Collect coupons & discounts. View.

AcollegetradeS - Buy, sell & trade books & other stuff through auctioning. View.

Agentb - Submit & rate deals. View.

Agentscoreboard - Find real estate agents. View.

Allconsuming - List & share everything you like. View.

Amapedia - Amazone's product wiki. View.

Amazontreemap - Treemap example with "All Digital Cameras"; many more at this link. View.

Angieslist - Explore, review & rate home services. View.

Apartmentratings - Rent after reading tenant's review & rating. View.

Artbreak - Publish, share & sell your art. View.

Artslant - Showcase, share & buzz art & events. View.

Auctionmapper - Find auctioned goods nearby (mash-up). View.

Authorhouse - Publish, promote & sell your book. View.

Aytozon - Comparison shopping from Amazon & Ebay. View.

Baeboo - Shop comparison. View.

Bagborroworsteal - Get a handbag each month for a few bucks & let it circulate. View.

Bandchemistry - Find band members or a band to play in. View.

Become - Collective shopping search. View.

Beetagg - Scan branded sema code with your cell to get access to website. View.

Biddingbuddies - Meet other eBayers through friends, groups, shared bookmarks, blogs & events. View.

Bidster - Buy by placing the lowest unique bid. View.

Bigbluesaw - Submit cad design & get product delivered. View.

Bigcartel - Start, review & recommend online shops. View.

Birthdayforever - Manage & share your wishlist & photos. View.

Blendsforfriends - Order your own blend of tea. View.

Blinkcart - Put a shopping cart on any page & make some money. View.

Blipstar - Create your own store locator. View.

Blish - Buy or sell your media. View.

Blockhunter - Find, sell or let a home & avoid real estate agents. View.

Blockrocker - Buy & sell thru classifieds; map mash-up. View.

Blogprinting - Publish, print & sell it. View.

Blurb - Turn your blog into a book. View.

Boo - Search , compare, share or buy trips. View.

Boober~ - Get or bid for giving loans. View.

Boo-box - Add shopping links to your postings & make money on them. View.

Bookmooch - Exchange old books. View.

Booksforschool - Buy & sell used text books. View.

Bountee - Design, buy & sell T's. View.

Broadbandgenie - Find best provider. View.

Buymytronics - Sell your used, new or broken electronics today. View.

Buzzillions - Buy & review products. View.

Cafépress - Design, sell, buy. View.

Cafespot - Social guide to cafes, restaurants, etc. View.

Carbonmade - Publish & manage your portfolio online. View.

Cartfly** - Create & exploit a store & embed it anywhere. View.

Catchtomorrow* - Customize & localize your search and support your local public school system. View.

Cellitused** - Sell your cell. View.

Cellswapper - Swap out or in a mobile phone contract. View.

Cfares - Search for travel & best fares. View.

Chickadvisor - Get & share advise on what chicks should do & buy. View.

Cicatriz* - Video-empowered ecommerce. View.

Cingularmusicid - Have music recognized thru your cell. View.

Citycribs - Real estate marketplace. View.

Clipfire - Shop search engine & community. View.

Closo - Start & advertise your online shop. View.

Cogteeth - Create T-shirt with personal coded message. View.

Cooqy - Find things faster on Ebay (client). View.

Cosmotourist - Publish, explore & book trips. View.

Cottonrape* - Shopping game. View.

Coverpop - Shopping assortment visualizations. View.

Craigslist* - Post & read classifieds. View.

Craigslistjobs - Classified job ads. View.

Crowdstorm - Add & research products & share opinions. View.

Cruxy - Sell, promote, buy your content. View.

Customerforce - Search & share everything. View.

Darmik - Sell & share profits with charities. View.

Dawanda - Social market place for people producing or buying handicraft. View.

Dayjet* - Per-seat, on-demand jet taxi service. View.

Daylo - Contribute to local yellow pages. View.

Dealbundle - Rate & share deals. View.

Dealcomet - Explore, submit & share best deals, offers & coupons. View.

Dealcritic - Digg offers. View.

Dealigg - Submit & rate deals. View.

Dealmine - Personalize your best deals. View.

Dealplumber - Find deals & coupons. View.

Dealsplus - Share hot deals. View.

Dealspy - Submit & rate deals. View.

Dealtagger - Find & share good deals. View.

Designaddict - Explore & contribute to design directory. View.

Designbyhumans - Design T-shirts, win rewards. View.

Desiresin - Submit, explore & share shopping deals. View.

Deusto - Create & share digital books. View.

Deviantart - Publish or buy from art portfolios. View.

Discrevolt - Upload your music & sell printed cards with download redemption codes. View.

Dishola - Explore, publish & share your favorite dishes. View.

Diversetrade - European alternative to (higher rates of) Ebay. View.

Dnastylelab - Design, wear & share your own products. View.

Dohop - Flight scheduler. View.

Domegos - Search and list vacation rentals worldwide. View.

Down2night - Subscribe for text alerts on what's happening tonight. View.

Dutydog - Have handymen bid on your home services. View.

Easyutil - Api for recommendations. View.

Ebay* - Sell, rate & buy; auction. View.

Ebaywiki - Wiki on things you can buy & sell. View.

Edgeio - Find classified listings, publish your own. View.

Edoc* - Fashion ecommerce goes alternate reality game. View.

E-junkie - Solve & outsource all online sales. View.

Elkhuistekoop~ - Find a house that's not even for sale. View.

Emachineshop - Design objects in a virtual machine shop. View.

Emongoo - Tools & marketplace to sell your property. View.

Etsy - Buy & sell handmade things. View.

Everystockphoto - Upload, search, rate & sell photos. View.

Expressdigital - Create a shop & sell your photos. View.

Extate - Property search engine (UK & SA). View.

Farecast - Get alerts for flight fares at your level. View.

Fashmatch - Match your clothes. View.

Fatfingers - Get better deals on Ebay thanks to typos. View.

Favoritethingz - Create a badge with your favourite things, give it exposure & earn money. View.

Fivelimes - Green shop aggregator. View.

Flipadisc - Trade media. View.

Flippid - Post what you need, and get an offer. View.

Flowser - Visual Amazon search. View.

Flyingcart - Set up an online shop. View.

Flyspy - Graph all of your choices in air travel. View.

Fmatlas - Create & share searchable maps. View.

Formassembly - Create, host & manage forms. View.

Fotogopo - Animated local route map; Google Maps & Geocoder mash-up. View.

Fractionallife* - Co-own a/o co-use nice things. View.

Freepledge - Support charities every time you shop. View.

Freewebs - Create free website, share, sell. View.

Froogle* - Local shopping search engine; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Frucall - Mobile price comparison. View.

Funda~ - Real estate locations mash-up (nice maps, nice zoom!). View.

Gamegum - Submit your flash game & make some money on it. View.

Garbagescout - Find treasures on NY streets; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Getvendors - Find service professionals & manage your own household chores. View.

Giftbox - List & manage gifts. View.

Gifthat - Publish & share wishlists. View.

Gifttagging - Create, tag & share gift lists. View.

Gigoit - Reuse, donate or receive 2nd hand goods in your community. View.

Glimpse* - Buy things that celebs wear. View.

Going - Show where you go around town. View.

Goodstorm - Resell stuff thru your blog. View.

Googlebooks - Publish & sell access to your? books. View.

Googlecheckout - Multi channel PSP technology & services. View.

Greener - Search for green products, services, organizations & other info. View.

Greenleafmarket* - Buy or sell local products. View.

Gumshoo - Auction analyzer; Ebay mash-up. View.

Halfshare - Find a second home & a co-owner. View.

Hawkee - Tagged price comparison. View.

Hereorthere - Create, publish, explore & rate travel experiences. View.

Highschoolsports - Athletes community. View.

Hiringthings - Hiring & renting market place (new Zealand). View.

Hngry - Rate & pick your restaurants. View.

Homeaway - Vacation rentals market place. View.

Homeforexchange~ - Exchange for vacation homes. View.

Homethinking - Search, find, contact & review realtors. View.

Honeypitch* - Proposal automation solution. View.

Hotelworldmap~ - Find a hotel (map mash-up). View.

Hotpads - Houses for rent. View.

Hotspottin - Share your favourite hotspots. View.

Hotswap - Video-advertize & sell your car. View.

Housingmaps - Find housing (map mash-up). View.

Hubbuzz - Local appartment search. View.

Idigdeals - Digg deals. View.

Igglo - Get buy alerts for houses that aren't for sale yet (Finnish). View.

Iiproperty - Manage your properties. View.

Iletyou - Rent media from & to anyone. View.

Iloho - Create, publish, explore & rate travel experiences. View.

Imagecatalog - Submit & sell your photos. View.

Imagekind - Start your own art gallery online. View.

Indistr - Sell or buy independent music. View.

Innertee - Design, mix, wear, share & sell. View.

Inods - Shopping review aggregator. View.

Insideflyer - Convert loyalty points. View.

Insiderpages - Social directory guide. View.

Intellishop - Make money on shopping & writing a review. View.

Interact10ways* - Interact with Getty images. View.

Istockphoto - Buy & sell images. View.

Itaggit - Catalog & organize and share or sell your collections. View.

Itunes - Apple's music download store. View.

Iuniverse - Publish, promote & sell your book. View.

Jellyfish - Shopping search engine. View.

Jigadig - Shopping search engine. View.

Judysbook - Review & rate your neighbourhood. View.

Junkdepot - Buy & sell everything for/from your home. View.

Juststepsaway - Deep filtered vertical search for vacation rentals. View.

Kaneva - Digital entertainment marketplace (3D). View.

Kapaza~ - Free classified ads marketplace. View.

Kast*~ - Visual shopping in many categories from specialized shelfspace (concept deserves better design). View.

Kayak - Price comparison with user input for travel. View.

Kayakbuzz - Find cheap destinations; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Külist - Search, compare, bookmark best prices. View.

Lala - Swap CDs, from July 4th. View.

Licketyship - Home-delivery supermarket; retail & couriers co-operation. View.

Licketytrip - Last minute vacation rentals (map mash-up). View.

Lightenment - Publish & share reviews of gadgets. View.

Like - Find article you want and do a likeness search. View.

Likeits1999 - Mimicks eBay simplicity before the millennium. View.

Lilisto - Social bookmarking. View.

Listd - Accelerate your Ebay listings. View.

Listsomething - Share any list to buy & sell things, services. View.

Liveplasma* - Search & find other things to your taste. View.

Locogopher - Social directory guide. View.

Lopico - Social business directory. View.

Lovli - Share, buy & sell art, crafts and handmade products. View.

Mapeire - User generated lowest price finder; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Mappyhour - Maps bars & their happy hour specials. View.

Mapquest - Look up local businesses, get driving directions. View.

Mapwing - Create, explore & share virtual tours. View.

Mashedtickets - Ticket price comparison & shopping search (map mash-up). View.

Menutopia - Community for diners. View.

Mfg - Request & evaluate quotes from suppliers, globally. View.

Mimeo - On demand printing, binding & delivery. View.

Moblee - Opt in to offers direct to your mobile. View.

Mobloco - Get daily text alerts on things happening near to you. View.

Mobo - Order food on the go, get discounts & avoid waiting lines. View.

Mobsaver - Price comparison thru your cell. View.

Modoshi - Shopping community. View.

Momondo - Flight & hotel search & comparison engine + booking through travel agencies. View.

Mosaicglobe - Upload & share photos, artwork, ideas. View.

Motormapusa - Locate or find vehicle for sale on Ebay. View.

Mpire - Track price trends when you shop. View.

Mrdealio - Compare & track prices. View.

Mybigriver - Find while you type; Amazon mash-up. View.

Mybuys - 1:1 recommendations engine for ecommerce. View.

Mycitymate - Social shopping (also mobile). View.

Mymuesli - Order muesli according to your own specs (Germany only). View.

Mynewplace - Find & rent your new home. View.

Mypicklist - Share & recommend things you love. View.

Myshape* - Find clothing matched to your body shape & preferences. View.

Mysupermarket - Compare products & prices of groceries. View.

Mythings - Show your things, get them valuated & protect them. View.

Mytriggers - Price comparison alert services. View.

Nestoria - Property search. View.

Netgranny - Choose a granny to knit your socks. View.

Nethaggler** - Track & negotiate prices. View.

Nutclothing - Customize & order your handsprayed T. View.

Offertrax - RSS-based shopping alerts. View.

Ononemap - Find housing (map mash-up) (UK). View.

Onsofts - Ebay & Amazon combined shopping search. View.

Oodle - Find local classifieds. View.

Orbitz - Get rewards for submitting latest news on security wait times, traffic and parking, taxis, etc. at more than 40 airports. View.

Ourstockworks - Upload, sell or buy stockphotos. View.

Paguna - Travel booking with 1 page Ajax interface. View.

Partystrands* - Let partygoers interact with you & each other IRL, mobile & online. View.

Peasy - Exploit or book & rent parking space (UK). View.

Peerflix - List & trade DVDs. View.

Peets - Treemap product comparison. View.

Ponoko* - Create, make and trade your product ideas. View.

Portbooker - Search & book mooring, globally. View.

Prevu - Add your voice to (promotional) gifts. View.

Pricenoia - Amazon price comparison. View.

Pricheck - Check prices continuously. View.

Prismastar - Ecommerce solutions. View.

Productwiki - Collaborative product info resource. View.

Properazzi* - Promote or explore European real estate. View.

Propertize - Manage your property business from anywhere. View.

Propsmart - Find housing (map mash-up). View.

Qloud - Social music search & buy service. View.

Qoop - Publish & sell photos & photo products. View.

Qype - Find & recommend best spots in town. View.

Rallypoint - Share knowledge. View.

Rapidobject** - 3D print your prototypes & designs. View.

Rbloc - Sell, buy & meet auction market place. View.

Reactee - Order a T-shirt that people can respond on by sms. View.

Realitymarkets - Predictive markets contest. View.

Realtravel - Publish, explore & book trips. View.

Redfin - Find housing (map mash-up). View.

Redtoucan - Share photos & review products. View.

Reesycakes - Social shopping community. View.

Reevoo - Review & buy electronics. View.

Relate-a-zon - Pathfinder game (mash-up with Amazon). View.

Rentmeavacation - Share your vacation homes. View.

Rentometer - Calculate what rent you should pay or charge. View.

Reply - Get info on value of homes & cars in USA. View.

Resellular - Get out of your cell contract, or take over a contract. View.

Retrevo - Meta product search. View.

Riffs - Recommend, chat & share. View.

Rightcart - Sell your own or 3d parties' stuff on your site. View.

Rrove* - Save & share places. View.

Savedsearchpro - Find Ebay deals easier. View.

Savefinder - Personal shoppers help you to find anything online at the best possible price. View.

Savemyass - Send your wife flowers frequently. View.

Searchquest - Real estate map mash-up for cells. View.

Searoo - Review bars, restaurants & clubs or ask for recommendations. View.

Secondlifeboutique - Buy real things with virtual money. View.

Selldeo - Sell your stuff thru video advertising. View.

Sexycanvas~ - View & purchase erotic art (browse through tastefully decorated rooms or upload an image of your own room to experience the works in various settings).. View.

Sharedspaces - Co-buy, co-rent or co-invest in property. View.

Shipwire - Outsource receival, storage & shipping. View.

Shoposphere* - Create & share pick lists. View.

Shopriot* - Make sellers bid for the product you need. View.

Shopstyle - Put up your fashion designs for sale. View.

Shopwiki - Search 120,000 stores. View.

Shyno*** - Contact anyone or be contacted through your clothing. View.

Sizeasy - Compare sizes of online goods with everyday items. View.

Skylow - Meta search, price comparison & booking engine. View.

Slifter - Search stores for articles (web & mobile). View.

Smarkets - Stock markets for products. View.

Snacksby - Tell what you have in your pantry and get a recipe. View.

Snapshirts - Get your T-shirt with a tag cloud. View.

Snooth* - Social wine selection & buying guide. View.

Souki*~ - Get better search result through your taste mates. View.

Specialbike - Style your own bike. View.

Spendfish - Search for best Amazon deals. View.

Splashdata - Mobile tools for media, payments, shopping…. View.

Spout - Publish & share reviews, buy films. View.

Spreadshirt* - Design, buy or sell your T's. View.

Starnum - Recommend & share products & earn. View.

Startupschwag - Subscribe to Web 2.0 start-up promotion-materials-of-the-month. View.

Storeatmyhouse* - Rent out your storage and parking space. View.

Stormhoek - Web 2.0 mash-up wine shop. View.

Streeteasy - Share shopping info. View.

Streets - Visual shopping search suite for Toronto. View.

Stuffopolis - Keep track of things you lend or borrow. View.

Stuffspace - List & share what you own & what you want. View.

Stylehive - Get recommendations fitting your product interests. View.

Suggestlocal - List, explore & share information on local things. View.

Summize* - Check millions of user reviews before you buy something (amazingly comprehensive). View.

Sundaydash - Find housing (map mash-up). View.

Superstart - Personalized shopping portal (Swedish). View.

Swapthing - Community of people who want to swap, buy or sell things. View.

Switchdiscs - Media trading community. View.

Synthravels* - Virtual travel agency (only game destinations!). View.

Tagdirectory - Tagged business directory. View.

Tastydrop - Submit & rate wines. View.

Tellfriends - Recommend & rank local retail. View.

Tellme - Search businesses thru voice, get rich info or text back. View.

Tenbills - Design & buy your T. View.

Terk~ - Meta search for articles. View.

Thandora - Tag based search in yellow pages. View.

Thebeststuffintheworld* - Publish, discover & share cool things. View.

Thefind - Shopping search. View.

Thembid - Put up your business for the best price & quality offering, locally. View.

Themintpages - Recommend & share reviews on beauty products. View.

Thethingsiwant - Create & share wish lists with photos. View.

Thinglink - Search, label & share things of interest. View.

Thisnext - Shopping recommendation network. View.

Thisplaceiknow - Share places. View.

Threadless - Submit & rate T-shirt designs. View.

Tictap - Price comparison for mobile. View.

Tinypocketpeople - Personalize & order your mini me doll. View.

Tnook - Build, manage & trade your collections. View.

Touchlocal - Find local shops, reaturants & attractions. View.

Trabber - Search 30 websites for cheap flights. View.

Traveltogether - Plan & deal out trips together. View.

Treblenation - Community connecting musicians and venues with fans. View.

Trialpay - Get free products, get cheap customers. View.

Tripbase - Search travel based on your tastes. View.

Triphub - Plan group trips. View.

Tripmojo - Map & share hotels. View.

Triporama - Plan, research & book trips together. View.

Tripsync - Organize, manage & book business travel. View.

Trivop* - Video hotel guide & booking system. View.

Trustedopinion - Social recommendations engine (with visualisation of trusted circle of friends). View.

Trustedplaces* - Review & share great places. View.

Tumpang - Buy stuff collectively for a better price. View.

Tupalo - Explore, review & share things in cities. View.

Uask - Sell or buy for the price you want. View.

Unofficialdb - Search & review mapped restaurants. View.

Unwiredbuyer - Voice-based commerce platform. View.

Upcoming - Learn your vocabulary. View.

Upspring - B2B social networking. View.

Uship - Auction, or bid for, transportation services. View.

Ushops - Put up your creative stuff for sale. View.

Usuggest - Shop, suggest & make money. View.

Vayama - Find best prices & schedule your international travel (USA). View.

Vendio - Small online business sales tools (olim Ándale). View.

Vflyer - Compose classified ads and multi-post them. View.

Viewr - Publish on map & buy or sell homes, globally. View.

Viewscore - Product search & comparison engine. View.

Visitopia~ - Explore user generated info & book city trips, hotels etc (rev share for good causes now, for contributors later). View.

Vitalsource - Publish & sell or buy books. View.

Vivirama - Put your home on this free international map. View.

Vois - Social shopping. View.

Wakoopa~* - Create your software profile, share it & get suggestions for cool stuff. View.

Watchthisnext - Vote for & buy DVDs. View.

Wazima - Coupon aggregator. View.

Web2carz - Shop for cars, publish & share reviews of dealers. View.

Weddingpath - Organize & communicate your wedding through your own wedding web site. View.

Weedshare - Play, buy, share & sell music. View.

Wewin - Upload & explore videos, win prizes. View.

Whatsbuzzing - Search, browse & discover products with a buzz. View.

Whowouldbuythat - Anti-ecommerce. View.

Wikicompany - Social business directory. View.

Wikology - Business directory wiki. View.

Wineryexchange - Have your private label wine brand sourced, designed, and developed. View.

Wipbox - Benchmark how to price your products. View.

Wisheus - Publish & share your wishlists. View.

Wishlistr - Create & share wishlists. View.

Wishpot - Publish & share your wishlists. View.

Wishroll - Publish & share everything you wish for. View.

Wists - Share shopping lists. View.

Wize - Product review aggregator. View.

Wuraweb - Find local prices & credentials. View.

Xzeroscripts - Build your own classifieds pages. View.

Yellowbook - Yellow pages aggregator. View.

Yellowikis - Social business directory. View.

Yelp - Find, review & discuss local restaurants etc. View.

Yokel - Find best prices for products near you. View.

Youarethemodel* - See which glasses fit you best & buy them (French). View.

Yourbillbuddy - Find the best mobile plan. View.

Yoursishere - Beg money from relatives & friends, with celeb support, to buy Dell stuff. View.

Yub - Meet, hang & get discounts in shopping mall. View.

Yumondo - Publish your city's secrets & share your urban style. View.

Ywoosh~ - Find or sell houses. View.

Zazzle - Design, sell & buy custom goods. View.

Zebo - List & share what you own & what you want. View.

Zeedive - Dutch auction. View.

Zillow - Get your home valuated (map mash-up). View.

Zimbie - Create bots that appear as buddies on IM. View.

Zippi - Have your stuff sold on Ebay. View.

Zlio - Create your shop & inventory in 5 minutes. View.

Zunafish - Buy & sell old media items. View.

Zypsy - Post & get matches for classified ads thru cell & email. View.

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