26 April 2008

AUDIO 2.0: 331 ways to edit, mix, remix, publish, explore, tag, rate, share & maybe make some money on (free) fx, sounds, music, podcasts & internet

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: MULTIMEDIA 2.0, MUSIC 2.0, PHONE 2.0, RADIO 2.0, VIDEO 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

Anjo - Search, download, convert & share media files. View.

Commentt - Get video & audio comments on your blog. View.

Convertdirect - Convert flv files into 3gp/mp3/avi/mp4/wmv/mpeg/mov files online. View.

Dirtbagmusic*** - Hardrock music community. View.

Doubletwist** - Transfer, share & sync media regardless of device, file format or social network (DVD Jon is back!). View.

Hypemachine - Search engine indexing audio files on blogs. View.

Listentoamovie - Listen to & rate movie sound tracks. View.

Mindbites - Publish & sell knowledge, skills and passions through audio and video lessons. View.

Mindbites - Publish & sell knowledge, skills and passions through audio and video lessons. View.

Myplick - Create & share audio-enriched slideshows. View.

Outshouts - Mix your favorite audio with your own voice and send it out to friends. View.

Podiobooks - Explore or submit serialized audio books. View.

Soundboard - Explore, publish & share categorized sounds. View.

Tagloops - Remix video, audio, photos & feeds into 'web movies'. View.

Vozme - Add text2MP3 sounds to your website. View.

Youconvertit - Convert any media file format (documents, images, audio & video). View.

Addictingclips - Upload, watch & share multimedia. View.

Adobesoundbooth - Create & edit audio (client). View.

Aggrega*** - Upload to, listen to & share Pandora for music videos. View.

Ajaxamp - Get Winamp in your browser. View.

Ajaxtunes - Web-based audio player. View.

Allthat - Get alerts on new search results. View.

Amarok~ - Music player for Linux & Unix. View.

Amiestreet - Music market (price increases with popularity). View.

Amigofish - Rate, recommend & share podcasts. View.

Anywhere - Upload & play your music from anywhere, explore your friends' music. View.

Applian - Capture streaming audio & video. View.

Audabble - Create your audio channel & listen to it, mixed with news. View.

Audiobaba - Search music. View.

Audioclipping* - Search AV (German). View.

Audiodizer - Text2Speech podcasts from your blog. View.

Audiofarm - Store, search, sort & share your sounds. View.

Audiolunchbox - Music download store. View.

Audiosnacks - Create, share & download audio travel tours. View.

Audiozue - Publish your iTunes playlist to Myspace or your blog. View.

Avidbeauty - Share photos & sounds. View.

Bandbuzz - Explore & rate music playlists. View.

Bandchemistry - Find band members or a band to play in. View.

Beatport - Music download store. View.

Bebop - Compare music calendar against your iTunes catalogue. View.

Bigcontact - Publish your videos & mp3s. View.

Blabline - Search podcasts. View.

Bleep - Music download store. View.

Blip - Get video & podcasting on your blog. View.

Bliptv - Get video & podcasting on your blog. View.

Blogmusik - Explore music. View.

Blogtalkradio - Host your own phone-in talkradio show online. View.

Blubbry - Publish, share or listen to pod & vodcasts. View.

Boomp3 - Upload & share your music. View.

Broadclip - Crawl the web for your music, clip it & get it delivered to your player. View.

Bubbleshare - Phlog, share, add audio captions. View.

Buzzchurch - Community & forum for music makers. View.

Buzzwire - Explore, create & share video & audio on your mobile. View.

Careertours - Experience your next employer through video and audio clips. View.

Castingwords - Podcast2text transcription service. View.

Ccpublisher - Tag your media files with Creative Commons, publish them on your website a/o get free hosting. View.

Cellcast - Record audio or video with your cell phone & share it with friends. View.

Chartu - Rate music. View.

Cingularmusicid - Have music recognized thru your cell. View.

Classcaster - Interact with students thru podcasts & blogs. View.

Classiccat - Free classical mp3 directory. View.

Clickcaster - Record, license, publish & promote your radio show. View.

Collectik - Upload, manage, mix & share podcasts. View.

Columbiaredhot - Submit & rate music, DJs. View.

Create-ringtone - Create & send ringtones, wallpapers, videos etc. to your mobile phone. View.

Crowdabout* - Get or contribute to timelined comments on podcasts. View.

Daz*~ - Explore, contribute to & share the biggest music dbase. View.

Deezer - Create & share playlists, and listen. View.

Difm - Radio community. View.

Digitaldreamdoor - Music genre Top lists & trivia. View.

Digitalpodcast - Search podcasts. View.

Discogs - User-built music database. View.

Discrevolt - Upload your music & sell printed cards with download redemption codes. View.

Divicast - Add images & text to your podcasts, publish & share. View.

Divvycast - Create & share music podcasts. View.

Dopetracks - Record, upload & share your tracks and beats. View.

Dottunes - Share your iTunes. View.

Dream-recorder - Record YOU while you sleep. View.

Dumpert~ - Explore, upload, share & rate photo, video & audio files. View.

Dvdidle - Work around DVD region codes & css. View.

Earfeeder - Scan your disk for music, and automatically get feeds on your favourite artists. View.

Earkive - Explore podcasts on your phone (cell & landline). View.

Ejamming - Write, record or play music together. View.

Elisteningpost - Upload & sell your music (for indies). View.

Emusic - Music download store. View.

Enablr - Transcribe podcasts, Text2Snailmail…. View.

Everyzing - Digital media merchandising platform (olim Podzinger). View.

Feed2podcast - RSS2podcast. View.

Feedzie - Finds feeds & casts. View.

Filtermusic - Hub for hundreds of Internet radio stations. View.

Findsounds - Search for sounds. View.

Finetune - Create your own radio feed. View.

Fiql - Publish & share playlists. View.

Fliptrack - Put your photos to music & share it as a video. View.

Flotones - Upload & sell indie music over mobile. View.

Fluctu8 - Create & share your sourcelists. View.

Foxytunes - Search music & music videos. View.

Freecast - Broadcast or listen to audio streams at slow connection speeds. View.

Fruitcast - Podcast advertising network. View.

Funkplayer - Create, upload & share music. View.

Funkycall - Record, upload, deploy & share your phone pranks. View.

Fuzz - Upload & share or sell your music (for indies). View.

Gabcast - Record podcasts on your phone. View.

Gcast - Podcasting tools & hosting. View.

Getabuz - Create a voicemail with music. View.

Gigadial - Create your podcastradio stations. View.

Goombah - Analyse & match your musical taste to other users' (client). View.

Goombah - Analyse & match your musical taste to other users' (client). View.

Grabbit - Play songs from all over the web. View.

Grepr - Explore & share podcasts & get recommendations. View.

Gruuve - Discover & listen to music similar to your taste. View.

Gruvr - Collaborate on local music maps. View.

Hackoff*** - Book published as blog & podcast. View.

Haystack - Music community. View.

Hipcast - Record & cast audio via browser or phone. View.

Hivegroup 2*** - iTunes treemap demo. View.

Hooqs - Explore, create & share audio & video channels. View.

Houndbite - Explore, publish & share entertaining audio clips. View.

Humblevoice* - Publish, share bands, music, other media & arts. View.

Iaudioguide - Download audio tours of your favorite cities. View.

Identifyus - Identify melodies. View.

Ijamr - Music community for artists, fans & site owners (& P2P swapping). View.

Ijigg - Submit, digg & share music. View.

Ilike - Social music discovery service. View.

Ilovemusicvideo - Youtube & Lastfm mash-up. View.

Indaba - Jam & record music. View.

Indiepad - Buy or sell indie music. View.

Indistr - Sell or buy independent music. View.

Itunes - Apple's music download store. View.

Itunestreemap - Track the iTunes Top 100 songs as they move up and down the charts. View.

Jambase - Personalized news on live music. View.

Jamendo - Review, tag, rate & share music. View.

Jamglue - Upload, edit, publish & share remixes. View.

Jamjunky - Jam & record music. View.

Jamnow - Jam & record or cast music. View.

Jinzora - Store & play your music & videos. View.

Jukeboxalive - Upload & share, promote & sell your music & gigs (for indies). View.

Kalabo - Collaborate on compositions. View.

Kompoz - Compose & share music together. View.

Ksolo - Record & share karaoke songs. View.

Ktorrents - Search bittorrents. View.

Lastfm* - Profile your taste, share, personalize your radio. View.

Launchcast - Create your own web radio stations. View.

Librivox - Get free audiobooks and volunteer recording more books. View.

Libsyn - Syndicate podcasts. View.

Live365 - Search web radio stations. View.

Livesquare - Anti-piracy protection for streaming media. View.

Livestation - Watch tv, listen radio over IP (client). View.

Lyrics~ - Share lyrics & music information. View.

Lyricwiki - Collaborate on lyrics database. View.

Maestro - Upload & share your music. View.

Magnatune - Music download store. View.

Mediamaster - Backup service. View.

Melodeo - Listen to, share, discuss & create podcast playlists, on your cell. View.

Mercora - Search music & get recommendations. View.

Midomi - Search music by making music. View.

Mix - Explore, upload, download & share playlists & public mixes. View.

Mixtaping - Upload & share songs, compilations & mixes. View.

Mobilcast - Search podcasts. View.

Mobitv - Get tv & radio on your cell & laptop. View.

Mp3 - Community of artists & fans. View.

Mp3rama - Submit & rate articles on MP3. View.

Mp3tunes - Upload & listen to your music. View.

Mtraks - Buy or sell indie music. View.

Muiso - Track your taste, get recommendations. View.

Musicane - Buy or sell audio, video and ringtones. View.

Musiclens - Explore music using vague criteria (e.g. perceived volume or mood). View.

Musiclocated - Geolocate your music. View.

Musicmap - Search & find other things to your taste. View.

Musicmesh - Explore music. View.

Musicmobs - Share your tastes & find music. View.

Musicnation - Upload & share, promote & sell your music & gigs (for indies). View.

Musicovery - Web radio from Liveplasma. View.

Musicplustv - Enjoy clips, put in requests, chat with dj's. View.

Musicportl - Youtube & Flickr & blogs mash-up. View.

Musicsack - Repository of data about people involved in music. View.

Musicshake - Compose & mix your songs & share them. View.

Musicstrands - Tag, share & post music community. View.

Musigy - Plug in, jam & play music over the web. View.

Musipedia - Search, edit, expand & share collection of tunes. View.

Musocity - Music community. View.

Mypodcast - Host your podcasts. View.

Myvideokaraoke - Sing & share your song on video. View.

Nationofmillions - Submit & rate hiphop. View.

Nayio - Record your music, add video & share. View.

Nexidia - Transform av data into business intelligence. View.

Noisely - Enter your favourite music & get continuous podcasts to your taste. View.

Nowlive - Create live, interactive talkshows. View.

Nutsie - Play your music on your cell. View.

Octoshape - Free live P2P audiocasting. View.

Odeo - Record & share audio. View.

Okaytoplay - Tools & resources for podcasters & vloggers. View.

Onellama - Share your musical tastes & get recommendations. View.

Ourstage - Submit songs & video, let the users decide & win money prizes. View.

Pandora*** - Personalized radio. View.

Pandorafm - Mash-up of Pandora & Last.FM. View.

Payplayfm - Music download store. View.

Pcastbaby - Store & share podcasts. View.

Peercast - Broadcast, listen to or watch P2P live streams. View.

Peterdrewvo - Order for & produce voice overs on a distance, digitally. View.

Phling - Listen to, explore & share music on your mobile. View.

Phonecasting - Listen to podcasts over your phone. View.

Phonezoo - Create & share ringtones. View.

Pickspal - Bet on sports with friends. View.

Playola - Listen to & collaborate on finding similar tunes. View.

Pluggd - Upload & share podcasts. View.

Plurn - List, listen to, create & share music. View.

Pocketfuzz - Create & sell your own ringtones. View.

Podango - Create a podcast station. View.

Podbasket - Converts audio into feeds. View.

Podbean - Upload & share podcasts. View.

Podbop - Listen to bands that visit your city (Eventful mash-up). View.

Podbridge - Metrics for usage of podcasts. View.

Podcastalley - Digg podcasts. View.

Podcastdirectory - Search podcasts. View.

Podcasterbater - Get your porn audio & video podcasts. View.

Podcastfm - Publish pod & vod casts. View.

Podcastnet - Search podcasts. View.

Podcastpickle - Share podcasts & vidcasts. View.

Podcastsearchservice - Find podcasts. View.

Podcastsender - Upload, share & get alerts for podcasts. View.

Podcastspot - Free or premium podcast hosting. View.

Poderator - Store podcasts & create XML. View.

Podfeed - Find casts. View.

Podlinez - Explore podcasts on your cell. View.

Podnova - Find podcasts. View.

Podomatic - Create, find & broadcast podcasts. View.

Podsafeaudio - Upload & share your music casts. View.

Podscope - Voice rec-based audio and video search engine. View.

Pod-serve - Explore, publish & share podcasts. View.

Podshow - Podcast & vodcast network. View.

Podtrac - Advertise in podcasts. View.

Poperti - Enjoy music (and more) from your Gmail inbox. View.

Portableplaylist - List & listen to your sounds, anywhere. View.

Postcastsender - Upload, share & get alerts for podcasts. View.

Predixis - Discover, manage & enjoy music. View.

Processing - Share code for imaging, animations, sound. View.

Profcast - Record & publish your presentation. View.

Projectopus - Publish, share or sell music. View.

Projectplaylist - Publish & share music playlists. View.

Propaganda - Create & edit podcasts (client). View.

Purevolume - Music community. View.

Qloud - Social music search & buy service. View.

Radeo - Compile & share playlists. View.

Radioblogclub - List & save your favourite tracks. View.

Radiotailripple - Analyse your podcast's stats. View.

Radiotime - Personalize radio. View.

Raketu - Free regional and international calls, VOD, IM, SMS, multi media player, podcasting, slide show & feeds from your PC & mobile. View.

Rapspacetv - Rap & hiphop community. View.

Rateyourmusic - Music recommendation community. View.

Razz - Record & upload audio to your blog. View.

Reverbnation - Music community. View.

Rhapsody - Listen to free music, share playlists. View.

Ripple - Be your own banker. View.

Rtmaker - Make, upload & share ringtones. View.

Savefinder - Personal shoppers help you to find anything online at the best possible price. View.

Screencast-o-matic - Create, publish, share, explore & rate screencasts. View.

Screenvader - Compose algorithmic music, image and video presentations. View.

Searchthebeat - Search MP3s & get additional links to Youtube music videos. View.

Seconds11 - Promote (11 seconds) of your podcasts. View.

Sellaband~* - Promote your music & find 5000 fans. View.

Shazam - Have music recognized thru your cell. View.

Sideload - Share free music files. View.

Singshot - Record & share your own songs. View.

Slacker - Listen to & rate music, create your own stations. View.

Smstunes - Smstunes - Explore, create & share video, karaokes & radio. View.

Snapkast - Create & edit podcasts (client). View.

Snaptune - Record music from radio to hard disk. View.

Snapvine - Send audio files to & communicate with your friends, on your cell. View.

Songrio - Digg music tracks. View.

Sonicbids - Connects musicians to promoters. View.

Sonific - Claim a song & publish it on your site. View.

Sonr - Track media & media users. View.

Soundbite - Submit & share sound bites. View.

Soundflavor - Music community. View.

Soundpedia - Upload, manage & share your playlists. View.

Soundsnap - Upload, explore & share sound FX. View.

Soundtransit~ - Add your sounds to locations & share them. View.

Splice* - Mix, mash-up & share your music. View.

Spotdj - Enrich your stored music with recommendations & other audio content. View.

Stagefm - Indie music & video sharing. View.

Starplay - Practice your music with virtual pros. View.

Stickam* - Multimedia communication community. View.

Streampad - List, listen & share your music (= several mash-ups). View.

Subscribecast - Sell content thru RSS-based subscription format. View.

Switchpod - Host & promote podcasts. View.

Talkr - Convert blog text to podcasts. View.

Talkshoe - Chat, talk 1:1 or in groups (over phone or over IP), host a talkshow. View.

Thepodcastnetwork - Explore podcast channels. View.

Thetrc - Submit & rate music. View.

Thoof - Customizes your selection of news, websites & videos. View.

Tourbus - Find live music. View.

Tourcaster - Download audio tours of your favorite cities. View.

Traktor - Create & share your own instruments. View.

Treblenation - Community connecting musicians and venues with fans. View.

Tun3r - Internet radio portal. View.

Tunecore - Create & sell music. View.

Tunefeed* - Share your music on any website. View.

Tunefind - Submit & find film & tv music. View.

Tunelog - Delicious for music. View.

Twones**~ - Access, manage, find & share all music on the web & on your computer. View.

Ubroadcast - Host your own live radio show. View.

Ultrastar - Offer your fans a value add online content experience during your tour. View.

Unwiredbuyer - Voice-based commerce platform. View.

Uplayme - Share music & meet people with same taste. View.

Upto11 - Discover & share music. View.

Utterz - Use your mobile to publish your voice, videos, pictures & text on your blog. View.

Vanu - Multi standards operating radio software. View.

Virtualinstrumentmuseum - Search musical instruments. View.

Vmukti - Audio & video conferencing over web, PSTN and mobile. View.

Vodpod - Publish your videos and/or playlists & share them. View.

Vradio - Turn your cell into a worldwide radio. View.

Vringo - Share video ringtones with your friends when you call them. View.

Waxxi - Listen to & participate in podcasts. View.

Web20show - Podcasts about Web 2.0 companies. View.

Webjam - Collect, mix & share content from many sources. View.

Webjay - Playlist community. View.

Weedshare - Play, buy, share & sell music. View.

Wikizic - Wiki for musician's resources. View.

Wildvoice - Create, edit & publish audio (client). View.

Wordcast - Host, manage, measure & monetize podcasting. View.

Yahoomusic - Search web radio (with Yahoo music videos). View.

Yahoopodcasts - Explore, create & share podcasts. View.

Yodio - Record & publish audio anywhere from your phone. View.

Yottamusic - Search music. View.

Youaretheguest - Invite yourself to a talkradio podcast show. View.

Younevercall - Create your own ringtones (for Linux users). View.

Yourspins - Remix, publish & share tracks legally. View.

Zapzap - Digg podcasts. View.

Zontube - Amazon music with Youtube videos. View.

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