10 March 2008

SEARCH 2.0: 621 ways to find things

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: PRINTING 2.0, PUBLISHING 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

123people* - People search. View.

4info - Mobile search & news alert service. View.

Andunite - Unite with people who are looking for the same things; ask when Google lets you down. View.

Attainable - Check domain name availability (ranked against popularity of dictionary words). View.

Bandnews - Search what is going on in the band scene. View.

Brightqube - Search for best images. View.

Browsegoods - Zoom & pan interface to visual searching of shopping goods. View.

Buggd - Search for errors that other people searched for. View.

Citysearch* - Social shopping guide. View.

Cleverhippo - Search for social apps and widgets. View.

Criticalmention - Search & get alerts on critical tv information. View.

Criticalmetrics* - Track recommendations & playlists so you can find, try & buy buy music. View.

Designerpages - Search architecture & design products. View.

Designflavr - Search for inspiration in website & digital art. View.

Dizzler - Search & play free music, videos, games & radio on your pc or mobile device; put your player on any website. View.

Dots* - Search & acquire expired domain names. View.

Doublecheckmd** - Check your prescriptions & their interactions. View.

Everyclick - Search, and raise money for charity. View.

Filestube - Search & share files. View.

Finditall - Video search. View.

Givemebackmygoogle - Google results without affiliate links. View.

Graphwise - Explore,upload & share table data. View.

Groovle - Spice up your default search page with your own pictures & logos. View.

Holidot~ - Travel search engine & community. View.

Hypemachine - Search engine indexing audio files on blogs. View.

Idesktoptv - Visual search for Youtube videos. View.

Iheard - Find radio stations. View.

Inzoco - Real estate search engine. View.

Irseek - Explore index of IRC conversations for hidden knowledge. View.

Kartoovisu*** - Clusters search results in 'surfacic maps'. View.

Linqia** - Search, review & join online communities and groups matching your interests & needs. View.

Littleengine - Small business search engine. View.

Livenation - Search for concerts & tickets. View.

Locatetv - Search TV shows, movies & actors. View.

Managedq* - Clustered & visual search. View.

Menupix - Search for restaurants, but check their menu first. View.

Musiclovr - Search & share music. View.

Muvibee - Search & share music playlists. View.

Namepedia* - Search for first & family names, and for real people. View.

Navisso - Engine avoiding search feeds. View.

Oskope* - Visual search. View.

Productblazer - Find manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers & retailers. View.

Safe2pee - Submit & find safe, gender free bathrooms. View.

Schoolr - Meta search. View.

Scitopia* - Trusted science + technology (re)search. View.

Searchfreeapps - Search for free applications. View.

Searchhedgefunds - Find funds. View.

Seekler - Search for best of-lists. View.

Seeqpod - Search for music. View.

Sidestep - Travel search engine. View.

Silobreaker - News search; contextual results with relational analysis and explanatory graphics (Aatski). View.

Similpedia - Submit URL or 100 words & find related Wikipedia articles. View.

Skreemr - Search for music files. View.

Smarterreviews - Compare products. View.

Sortfix - Search engine. View.

Spffy - Meta photo & video search. View.

Tagslides - Create slideshows of your search results. View.

Taptu - Mobile search (taptu.mobi). View.

Topnetpix - Human powered & personalized search. View.

UpNext - 3D local search. View.

Velingo - Generate more relevant search results & recommendations. View.

Vezoom - Video search engine. View.

Viewpoints - Post & search for reviews across 20+ categories. View.

Vizhole - Meta video search. View.

Whosgoing - Find events & people going there too. View.

Wieowie*~ - People & company search engine based on social networks & media data. View.

Wikia - Feely licensed (open source) search engine. View.

Wikitag - Search wikis. View.

Wuzam - MP3 search engine. View.

Xoole - PPC search engine. View.

Yamli* - Search the web in Arabic. View.

Yellowbot - Local search & community discussion resource. View.

Yuscano - Quickscan feature for Youtube search. View.

Yuxt* - Social video search & bookmarking. View.

Zilpy - Rental homes search service. View.

1000tags - Tag cloud based search. View.

43deals - Find best deals. View.

50matches - Meta search on web sites that were bookmarked or voted for by users. View.

A1-webmarks - Social bookmarking. View.

Academiclive - Search academic articles. View.

Accoona - A.I. Enhanced search. View.

Adactio - Search me. View.

Addthis - Collect 'all' information with one button. View.

Aduna~ - Visualize search results. View.

Aftervote - Meta search inc several rankings. View.

Agent55* - Hyper turbo super meta search. View.

Agentscoreboard - Find real estate agents. View.

Ajaxwhois - Results while you type. View.

Alamy - Search stock images. View.

Allthat - Get alerts on new search results. View.

Allthecode - Search code. View.

Alpinaut - Search route maps. View.

Altsearch - Categorized list of Web 2.0 companies that are also in THIS list. View.

Altsearchengines - Index & reviews of search engines. View.

Ambedo - Bookmark, tag & search. View.

Amniota - Health search engine. View.

Anoox - Majority vote optimized search. View.

Aolvideo - Search video. View.

Asterpix* - Interactivate objects in your video & publish it. View.

Atiki - Tag based feed search. View.

Auctionmapper - Find auctioned goods nearby (mash-up). View.

Audiobaba - Search music. View.

Audioclipping* - Search AV (German). View.

Auditoriuma - Human guided search service. View.

Avvo - Search a lawyer. View.

Aytozon - Comparison shopping from Amazon & Ebay. View.

Babelplex - Search simualtaneously in 2 languages. View.

Baeboo - Shop comparison. View.

Bashr - Wikipedia, Flickr & Delicious mash-up. View.

Become - Collective shopping search. View.

Bessed - Search & blog. View.

Bibster - Search, share & manage bibliographic metadata. View.

Big - Big search results. View.

Biggerboat - Search entertainment. View.

Bixee - Job finder. View.

Blabline - Search podcasts. View.

Blinkx - Search multimedia. View.

Blinkxsearchus - Personalized epg. View.

Blogbar - Searches your blog and the web. View.

Blogbuzzmachine - Blog search. View.

Blogcatalog - Blog directory. View.

Blogdigger - RSS feed directory. View.

Blogpulse - Search blogs. View.

Blogrovr - Get links to context relevant blog articles while you're browsing. View.

Blogtelevision - Search videos in blogosphere. View.

Boardreader - Forum & bulletin board search engine. View.

Boardtracker - Search forums. View.

Boomtrek - Search for & contribute to mapped travel destinations. View.

Boredwealth - Get paid to surf ("Alladvantage.com resurrected"). View.

Brandgossip*~ - Find what people say about your brand. View.

Broadbandgenie - Find best provider. View.

Broadclip - Crawl the web for your music, clip it & get it delivered to your player. View.

Browster - Search & browse instantly. View.

Btbot - Search bittorrents & ringtones. View.

Bustaname* - Domain name checker. View.

Byoms - Personalized IM search agents on your cell. View.

Catchtomorrow* - Customize & localize your search and support your local public school system. View.

Ccphotos - Google search presenting adding page thumbs to results. View.

Cfares - Search for travel & best fares. View.

Chacha* - Get real time results with help of live guides. View.

Chuquet* - Find buzzes. View.

Cityfeeds - Find what's happening in a city now. View.

Clicblast - Web video search & guide. View.

Clipblast - Search & navigate the video web. View.

Clipfire - Shop search engine & community. View.

Cliproller - Search video & get recommendations. View.

Cloudee - Aggregates news per term. View.

Clusty - Cluster results in folders. View.

Codase - Search for & share code. View.

Codefetch - Searches source code from programming books. View.

Cognitionsearch* - Meaning-based search. View.

Collarity - Customize your search & find people with similar search interests. View.

Congoo - Search and preview premium content for free. View.

Cooliris - Search within search (client). View.

Cooqy - Find things faster on Ebay (client). View.

Copernic - Search app. View.

Coreap - Social bookmarking. View.

Coverpop - Shopping assortment visualizations. View.

Cranky - Search & rate in this age relevant senior search engine. View.

Crossengine - Meta search engine. View.

Customerforce - Search & share everything. View.

Cynin - Manage, organize, store, search, collaborate, discuss, share & publish any kind of data. View.

Daypop - Search news. View.

Dealtagger - Find & share good deals. View.

Decipho - Clustered search. View.

Deepquerymanager - Search, share & manage info from the deep web. View.

Devshots - Create a Google-like logo. View.

Dictionary - Write & share anything. View.

Digforit - Meta search. View.

Digitaldreamdoor - Music genre Top lists & trivia. View.

Digitalmediasearch - Search media. View.

Digitalpodcast - Search podcasts. View.

Ditto - Search images. View.

Divvio - Meta video search. View.

Domainsbot - Domain search & suggestions. View.

Downthisvideo - Search & download videos. View.

Dumbfind - Social search platform showcasing your expertise & enabling collaboration. View.

Ebible - Search the bible. View.

E-church - Find, write & share spiritual blogs. View.

Edgeio - Find classified listings, publish your own. View.

Egosurf - Search yourself, get ranking. View.

Ekoss - Semantic search for engineers. View.

Eluta - Search new jobs (Canadian). View.

Eonsex - Porn search. View.

Etools - International & German language meta search. View.

Everyscape - Search the world in 2&3D. View.

Everystockphoto - Upload, search, rate & sell photos. View.

Everythingweb20search - Web 2.0 search. View.

Everyzing - Digital media merchandising platform (olim Podzinger). View.

Evoca - Create, manage, share & search voice recordings. View.

Evolvepoint - Create, track or find feeds. View.

Exalead** - Unified search technology. View.

Extate - Property search engine (UK & SA). View.

Eyesearch - Search results presented in mini thumbs. View.

Ez2find - Meta search. View.

Factbites - Search results in sensible sentences. View.

Famfamfam - Search icons. View.

Faroo - Become part of a search infrastructure (client). View.

Fatfingers - Get better deals on Ebay thanks to typos. View.

Feed-directory - Filtered feed search. View.

Feedgit - Meta feed search engine. View.

Feedlinx - Find feeds on any website. View.

Feedminer - Feed search engine. View.

Feedsearch - Search feeds. View.

Feedshot - Optimize findability of your blog. View.

Feedsifter - Search feeds. View.

Feedster - Search for feeds. View.

Feedzie - Finds feeds & casts. View.

Feelimage - Image search engine. View.

Filangy - Current search. View.

Findmesomewifi - Search & connect to free & commercial wi-fi hotspots. View.

Findsounds - Search for sounds. View.

Fintag - Finds LSE stocks. View.

Fisssh - Meta search. View.

Flappr - Search pictures; Flickr mash-up. View.

Flickrfotofinder - Find & publish photos. View.

Flickrleech - Fast search for Flickr photos. View.

Flickr-storm - Fuzzy search engine for Flickr photos. View.

Flitic - Manage, tag & find feeds. View.

Flowser - Visual Amazon search. View.

Fmatlas - Create & share searchable maps. View.

Fooooo - Search +20M videos. View.

Foundd - Customizable meta search engine. View.

Foxytunes - Search music & music videos. View.

Franchisegator - Ajaxified franchise search & match. View.

Froogle* - Local shopping search engine; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Fundooweb - Meta search. View.

Futef - Clustered search on Wikipedia. View.

Fybersearch - Web and feed search. View.

Gahooyoogle - Google + Yahoo mash-up. View.

Gameskoot - Search the web for video games. View.

Gapminder** - visualize Google search statistics. View.

Gazhoo - Search & make money on documents. View.

Genieknows - Search the web for games, health and local information. View.

Gettalink - Search & get visual links. View.

Gigablast - Search the web (also white labeled solutions). View.

Gleamd - Discover, add, rate & share people. View.

Glendor - Find & locate jobs (map mash-up). View.

Gnoos - Blog search. View.

Gnosh - Meta search. View.

Gokita* - Clustered meta search (no advertising). View.

Golivemobile - Search Wikipedia & RSS feeds over sms. View.

Goodsearch - 50% of ad revenues for a charity designated by you. View.

Googdesk - Meta search. View.

Google411 - Voice rec-based search. View.

Googleblogsearch - Search blogs. View.

Googlecloud - Add your search terms to these clouds. View.

Googlecodesearch - Search code. View.

Googlecustomesearch - Create your own vertical search with Google. View.

Googleearth* - Global maps. View.

Googlefight* - Compare search results. View.

Googleimages - Search images. View.

Googlekicks - Digg Google news. View.

Googlemaps - Check local things globally. View.

Googlemobile - Search, email & rss reader. View.

Googlerelatedlinks - Related links service for your web page. View.

Googletoolbar - Social search. View.

Googlevideo - Upload, share, purchase videos. View.

Gopubmed - Search medical information. View.

Goshme - Meta search. View.

Gotapi - Searchable database of APIs. View.

Gotomyjob~ - Search the Dutch web for jobs. View.

Graball - Meta search. View.

Gravee - Searches sites & blogs; fair rev share on ads. View.

Greener - Search for green products, services, organizations & other info. View.

Gridwell - Search; results with icons. View.

Grokker - Enterprise search & knowledge management. View.

Guess-the-google - Guess game; Google mash-up. View.

Hakia - Meaningful results. View.

Healia - Health search engine. View.

Healthline - Contextual search for health information. View.

Highfivez - Blogosphere search engine. View.

Homethinking - Search, find, contact & review realtors. View.

Hotdaddy* - Search engine aggregator. View.

Hotelworldmap~ - Find a hotel (map mash-up). View.

Hotpads - Houses for rent. View.

Hotspot-directory - Search & connect to wi-fi hotspots. View.

Howsmynanny - Police your nannies together. View.

Hubbuzz - Local appartment search. View.

Huckuback - Meta search. View.

Ibegin - Local search. View.

Iboogie - Clustered search engine. View.

Icerocket - Search blogs & web. View.

Iconbuffet - Search icons. View.

Iconfinder - Icon search engine. View.

Imagery - Image search. View.

Indeed - Finds jobs on what & where. View.

Innovectra - Local search solutions. View.

Instantdomainsearch - Ajax domain search + suggestions. View.

Internetaddressbook**~ - Find & be found, with all your 2.0 profiles. View.

Ipselon - Meta search. View.

Isabont - Keep track of your job search activities. View.

I-spy - Community based meta search. View.

Ixquick - Meta search engine. View.

Jellyfish - Shopping search engine. View.

Jigadig - Shopping search engine. View.

Jobcrawler - Search for jobs. View.

Jobisjob - UK job search. View.

Jobpile - Job search engine. View.

Jobsearcheasy - Job search engine, win prizes. View.

Joga - Nike + Google community. View.

Jookster - Search, rank & share. View.

Jumptags* - Use, search & share bookmarks, notes & Skype contacts, from anywhere, on any platform.. View.

Jumptap - Mobile search solutions. View.

Jux2 - Meta search. View.

Kartoo** - Clustered, mapped search. View.

Kcoolonline - Search & download videos. View.

Keepvid - Search & download videos. View.

Keotag - Keyword and tag search. View.

Kinja - Search blogs. View.

Kissyoutube - Search & download videos. View.

Knuru - Natural language search engine. View.

Koders - Search code. View.

Kooltorch - Provides you with visualized and categorized search results. View.

Kosmix - Vertical search. View.

Kratia - Search, vote & rank results. View.

Krugle - Search open source software. View.

Ktorrents - Search bittorrents. View.

Külist - Search, compare, bookmark best prices. View.

Lexxe - Clustered search. View.

Librarianchick - Search book titles, authors & genres. View.

Lijit* - Social contextual search. View.

Like - Find article you want and do a likeness search. View.

Linkedwords - Search with context. View.

Linknsurf - Track & share blogs on your mobile. View.

Linkput - Results with sure input. View.

Linkup - Job search engine. View.

Listible - Folksonomied software & code search. View.

Liszen - Search blog articles for librarians. View.

Live365 - Search web radio stations. View.

Livedoorsearchbox - Search in IE window border. View.

Livelook - Search for live webcams by location. View.

Liveplasma* - Search & find other things to your taste. View.

Livesearch* - Refine your search while you type. View.

Locogopher - Social directory guide. View.

Loki* - Search & navigate web & real life. View.

Longtimelost* - Find back lost friends thru Google. View.

Loomia - Folksonomied media search. View.

Lootzy~ - Search the Dutch web for jobs. View.

Lumrix - Semantic search engine. View.

Mahalo - Human powered search. View.

Majestic12* - Distributed search engine. View.

Makewords - Find or generate & register domain names. View.

Mamma - Meta search. View.

Mapeire - User generated lowest price finder; Google Maps mash-up. View.

Mappeo - Geo-search for Youtube videos. View.

Mapshark - Search maps in many websites. View.

Mashedtickets - Ticket price comparison & shopping search (map mash-up). View.

Mashmap - Find movies & showtimes (map mash-up). View.

Mashplanet - Find & submit mash-ups per category. View.

Matchmypet - Find a date for your pet. View.

Mb3dengine - Animated Digg-cloud. View.

Medgle* - Medical search. View.

Medio - Mobile search & recommendation engine. View.

Medio - Mobile search & recommendation engine. View.

Meevee - Search, upload, share, review & vote tv content. View.

Mefeedia - Find & subscribe to vlog video streams. View.

Mercora - Search music & get recommendations. View.

Metacarta** - Topical + geographical search technology. View.

Metaglossary - Meta web search for word definitions. View.

Metarss - Reader, (re)publisher, meta search & keyword feed generator. View.

Metatube - Search +100 video sharing sites. View.

Midomi - Search music by making music. View.

Mightyv - Web-based tv search & epg (UK). View.

Mnemo - Refine your search terms. View.

Mobilcast - Search podcasts. View.

Mojeek - Create & publish your own topical or personal search engine. View.

Montage-a-google - Tag based random photo montage; Google mash-up. View.

Mooter - Clustered search. View.

Mosthired - Aggregates job vacancies from other 2.0 job boards. View.

Mp3realm - Search music & lyrics. View.

Mrdealio - Compare & track prices. View.

M-spatial - Mobile local search solutions. View.

Musestorm*** - Metasearch in Flash (several interfaces). View.

Musiclens - Explore music using vague criteria (e.g. perceived volume or mood). View.

Musicmap - Search & find other things to your taste. View.

Musicmobs - Share your tastes & find music. View.

Musicsack - Repository of data about people involved in music. View.

Mybigriver - Find while you type; Amazon mash-up. View.

Mynewplace - Find & rent your new home. View.

Nestoria - Property search. View.

Nextaris - Social search. View.

Nnseek - Forum search engine. View.

Oddflower - Share your bookmarks & feeds and get better search results. View.

Ohloh - Search indexed open source projects. View.

Oihoi - First specify category, then search. View.

Omgili - Search discussion forums. View.

Ongopongo - Search, create or submit & share maps. View.

Ononemap - Find housing (map mash-up) (UK). View.

Onsofts - Ebay & Amazon combined shopping search. View.

Oodle - Find local classifieds. View.

Oozm - Search refined by people. View.

Opinmind - Connect opinions to people (bloggers). View.

Opmlsearch - Dedicated OPML search. View.

Oszone - Share code. View.

Otavo - Collaborative web search. View.

Outfoxed - Social search (now Lijit). View.

Pagebites - Resume search. View.

Pagebull - Visual search. View.

Phonenumberscan - Reverse phone number search. View.

Photosynth*** - Rebuild the world in photos - other users' and your own. View.

Picsearch - Search for pics. View.

Picturesandbox - Photo & video search. View.

Pipl - Search for people. View.

Pixsy - Ajax-based image search. View.

Playola - Listen to & collaborate on finding similar tunes. View.

Podcastdirectory - Search podcasts. View.

Podcastnet - Search podcasts. View.

Podcastsearchservice - Find podcasts. View.

Podfeed - Find casts. View.

Podnova - Find podcasts. View.

Podomatic - Create, find & broadcast podcasts. View.

Podscope - Voice rec-based audio and video search engine. View.

Pokerlistings - Review, rate & rank poker websites. View.

Polarrose*** - Help to make the visual web searchable. View.

Polycola - Meta search. View.

Prase - Page rank based search (in this list: olim Praseus). View.

Predixis - Discover, manage & enjoy music. View.

Prefound - Search & share what you've found. View.

Previewseek*** - Clustered search. View.

Pricenoia - Amazon price comparison. View.

Pricheck - Check prices continuously. View.

Promptu - Voice based search for all media. View.

Propsmart - Find housing (map mash-up). View.

Proximic - Adds contextual links to your content. View.

Pssdir - Create & publish your own search engine or web directory. View.

Pubsub - Search + profiled alerts. View.

Puzzr - Vertical search. View.

Qelly - Meta search engine. View.

Qksearch - Meta search for verticals (web, jobs, etc.). View.

Qloud - Social music search & buy service. View.

Qooqle - Video search. View.

Q-phrase - Search solutions (clients). View.

Qtsaver - Clustered meta search. View.

Qube - Search engine aggregator (client). View.

Quece - Conversational search. View.

Quintura - Search strange site names. View.

Qwika - Search wikis. View.

Qype - Find & recommend best spots in town. View.

Readon* - Have your video captioned for search purposes. View.

Recruit - Job search engine. View.

Recruiterredbook - Find the right recruiter. View.

Rel8r - Tag, read, search blogs. View.

Resultr - Meta search with agents. View.

Retrevo - Meta product search. View.

Retrievr* - Search images by sketching. View.

Revealicious - Explore, search & visualize Delicious tags. View.

Revolutionhealth - Search for medical & health information. View.

Riya* - Face recognition based photo search. View.

Rollyo* - Create search agents. View.

Rootly - Refine your news search. View.

Rsshut - Read & search feeds. View.

Rssmicro - Feed search. View.

Savedsearchpro - Find Ebay deals easier. View.

Savemyporn - Adult search. View.

Sciencehack - Search science videos. View.

Scirus - Search scientific information. View.

Scriptmimic - Find or publish & share scripts. View.

Scriptvote - Search & vote on scripts. View.

Scroogle - Google without ads & other evil. View.

Search4rss - Search feeds. View.

Searchbots** - Create your own search robot. View.

Searchcrystals - visualize your search. View.

Searchfeedr - RSS feed search. View.

Searchforvideo - Search video. View.

Searchinnovations - Categorisation of search technologies & presentations (also see altsearchengine.com). View.

Searchinsidethemusic - Search music by content and context (stealth). View.

Searchkindly - Search Google from this page & donate to charities. View.

Searchmapr - Cluster your search results in treemap. View.

Searchmash - Ajaxified search playground for Google. View.

Searchthebeat - Search MP3s & get additional links to Youtube music videos. View.

Searchtheweb2 - Search & get suggestions to sharpen your search. View.

Searchvideo - Search video. View.

Seekum - User ranked search results. View.

Selectrecruiters - Find the right recruiter. View.

Semantical - Semantic search engine software. View.

Serph - Search for buzz around & reputations of persons & brands. View.

Shareopml - Search & share OPML. View.

Shooshshare - Search & save porn. View.

Shopwiki - Search 120,000 stores. View.

Shoutcast - Search web radio stations (Winamp). View.

Sidekiq* - Hyper meta search. View.

Sidereel - Search, catalogue, watch & share tv, movies & video. View.

Sidvicious - Find similar tags for Delicious tags. View.

Similicious - Search for similar websites. View.

Simplygoogle - Everything Google on 1 page. View.

Simplyhired - Local job search. View.

Simpy - Social bookmarking, tagging & search. View.

Siteblimp - Promote your online identity thru search. View.

Siteflavoredgoogle* - Tailor adwords to your site. View.

Sizeasy - Compare sizes of online goods with everyday items. View.

Skuer - CSS search engine. View.

Slashmysearch - Make money on searching the web. View.

Slifter - Search stores for articles (web & mobile). View.

Slut-o-meter - Calculate your popularity. View.

Snaket - Clustered search. View.

Snap*** - Adds pics of pages to your links. View.

Snunk - Search & vote. View.

Socialgrapes - Find & keep track any member of any social network. View.

Souki*~ - Get better search result through your taste mates. View.

Spendfish - Search for best Amazon deals. View.

Sphere - Search the blogosphere. View.

Sproose - Personalize search results & share them. View.

Spurl - Bookmarking & search. View.

Squurl - Rapid domain search. View.

SRC - Clustered search. View.

Srchr** - Meta search startpage. View.

Srobbin - Search Google Video on your cell. View.

Stalkerati - Meta search for people. View.

Stockphotofinder - Search stock images. View.

Streakr* - Stumble upon, rate & share content from social media. View.

Streets - Visual shopping search suite for Toronto. View.

Stuffopolis - Keep track of things you lend or borrow. View.

Stylehive - Get recommendations fitting your product interests. View.

Suckingfish - Save, collaborate on & publish search results. View.

Sullr* - Reversed mobile phone number search. View.

Superdeluxe - Search comedy videos. View.

Surfwax - Multisource search. View.

Swamii - Create cross media search agents. View.

Swicki - Search with user input. View.

Swik - Search for open source software. View.

Swoogle - Semantic web search engine. View.

Tagbulb - Meta tag search. View.

Tagfetch - Folksonomy meta tag search. View.

Tagground - Search for URLs by tag or v.v.. View.

Tagjag - Meta search (formerly Gada.be). View.

Tagnautica - Search Flickr. View.

Talkdigger - Search & discuss results from blogs & web. View.

Tallstreet - Trade search results like stock market. View.

Technorati* - Find what people are saying. View.

Technoratikitchen - Saerch for microformats. View.

Tellme - Search businesses thru voice, get rich info or text back. View.

Terk~ - Meta search for articles. View.

Textkernel~ - Text extraction & understanding engines. View.

Thandora - Tag based search in yellow pages. View.

Thedailyplate - Search food & find healthiest options. View.

Thefind - Shopping search. View.

Thinglink - Search, label & share things of interest. View.

Tictap - Price comparison for mobile. View.

Tiltomo - Search for similar photos. View.

Tinfinger - Search persons. View.

Tips-search - Google & Yahoo meta search to find how to-results. View.

Titantv - Filter out what's on tv. View.

Trabber - Search 30 websites for cheap flights. View.

Trexy - Share your click paths. View.

Tripbase - Search travel based on your tastes. View.

Trucast - Track & analyze brands in social media. View.

Truveo - Ranked video search. View.

Truview - Monitor, optimize & manage your brand's rep in search engines. View.

Tubesurf - Search video. View.

Turboscout - Meta search engine. View.

TV - Filter out what's on tv. View.

Twerq* - Remember search results in tabs. View.

Twominuteworld - Select a location, and see related photos & videos. View.

Ucodit - Search code. View.

Ujiko** - Visual your search, manipulate results, manage your reputation (by the wizards from Kartoo); the more you use it, the more cool features you get. View.

Ulinkx - Search, bookmark & share media. View.

Unicommunity - Comprise or expand your Google results. View.

Universe** - Presents search results in stellar clouds. View.

Upscoop - Discover which of your friends are on social networks. View.

Urlfan - Real time blog reference search. View.

Vast - Car search. View.

Vayama - Find best prices & schedule your international travel (USA). View.

V-enable - Mobile speech search. View.

Viapoint - Meta desktop search solution. View.

Videodl - Search & download videos. View.

Videodownloader - Search & download videos. View.

Videoronk - Meta video search. View.

Viewdle* - Index and search video content thru face recognition software. View.

Viewscore - Product search & comparison engine. View.

Virtualinstrumentmuseum - Search musical instruments. View.

Vivisimo - Clustered search. View.

Wampad - Experiments in speed search. View.

Watson - Add contextual search to all documents. View.

Waypath - Search blogs. View.

Wazap - Search for games & connect with other gamers. View.

WCC**Matching & search solutions. View.

Web20searchengine - Search the sociosphere. View.

Web20toolbar - Search on, submit to & get alerts from Web 2.0 websites. View.

Webaroo - Search the wen offline. View.

Webgoggles - Adult search. View.

Weblogs - RSS feed directory. View.

Webmunism - Search media & knowledge in self-organizing categories. View.

Whatsbuzzing - Search, browse & discover products with a buzz. View.

Who-isit - Whois, ping, check link popularity. View.

Whonu - Discover/search content (more) intuitively. View.

Widgetbox - Directory for web widgets. View.

Wifi411 - Search & connect to free & commercial wi-fi hotspots. View.

Wifinder - Find wi-fi hotspots. View.

Wikicharts - Most viewed Wikipedia articles. View.

Wikimindmap* - Search wiki content with mindmap interface. View.

Wikio - User managed news search. View.

Wink - Folksonomied search. View.

Winzy - Search & win prizes. View.

Wisenut - Clustered search engine. View.

Wize - Product review aggregator. View.

Workcircle - Find recruiters or jobs. View.

Workmagnet - Search, find & apply for jobs, or recruit. View.

Wsfinder - Search APIs and web services. View.

Wuraweb - Find local prices & credentials. View.

Xcavator - Search & sort images. View.

Yahoomaps* - Global & local maps & search mash-ups. View.

Yahoomobile - Search, email & news. View.

Yahoovideo - Submit, search & share videos. View.

Yahoovideosearch - Search video. View.

Yawords - Buy a search term, eternally. View.

Yellowbook - Yellow pages aggregator. View.

Yelp - Find, review & discuss local restaurants etc. View.

Yokel - Find best prices for products near you. View.

Yoono - Search, exchange & share information. View.

Yoople - Search & collaborate on improving search results. View.

Youtubedownloads - Search & download videos. View.

Youtubex - Search & download videos. View.

Youtubia - Search & download videos. View.

Yubnub* - Search & share search commands. View.

Ywoosh~ - Find or sell houses. View.

Zeedex - Search with suggestions. View.

Zoomf - Search with map mash-up. View.

Zoominfo* - Search persons; create your own page. View.

Zudos - Search the sociosphere. View.

Zuggest - Meta search engine. View.

Zuula - Meta search (web, images, news, blogs, jobs). View.

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