23 March 2008

PHONE 2.0: 547 telecom services & apps

Italic = new in this index. Related categories: CHATTING 2.0, COMMUNICATING 2.0, EMAIL 2.0, FAX 2.0, IM 2.0, PHONE 2.0, SMS 2.0, TELECONFERENCE 2.0, VIDEOCOM 2.0, VOICE 2.0, WI-FI 2.0. For earlier updates cf. INDEX 2.0.

1800-FREE-412 - Free directory assistance. View.

4info - Mobile search & news alert service. View.

Adimo - Publishing platform for mobile & web. View.

Aepona - Services & apps that combine web and telecom. View.

Aka-aki - Connect to people in your vicinity. View.

Andanza - Mobilize your blog. View.

Anywr - Microblogging over web & mobile. View.

Apptera - In-call keyword advertising solutions. View.

Beam-it-up-scotty - Compress files from your harddisk & send them to your cell. View.

Bluestreak - Rich media solutions for tv, mobile & electron ics. View.

Blyk - Link up with brands you like & get mobile goodies. View.

Clairmail - Mobile payment solutions. View.

Cognitivecode - Conversational artificial intelligence apps to interact better with PCs & mobile devices. View.

Comeks - Create & share mobile strips & talking avatars. View.

Dirtbagmusic*** - Hardrock music community. View.

Dizzler - Search & play free music, videos, games & radio on your pc or mobile device; put your player on any website. View.

Edgebox - Enterprise voice & data over IP solutions. View.

Enfranetworks - Access & share documents on your PCs, cell phone or PDA. View.

Firsthandtech - Enterprise mobile unified communications solutions. View.

Flashphone - Process phone calls within your browser. View.

Flixwagon - Broadcast phone cam video to the web. View.

Fluc - Earn money on your mobile from content relevant to you. View.

Fortumo - Set up, promote & make money on your own mobile service (Scandinavia & Baltics). View.

Glass - Makes your cam phone read codes & retrieve content. View.

Gypsii~ - Find people & places, map & navigate them over mobile or web. View.

H-care - Platforms for multi-channel self-service. View.

Hingi* - 2-click purchasing of mobile TV & radio content. View.

Jotyou - Text your friends when they arrive at a specific location. View.

Knotler - Mobile & online collaborative shopping list. View.

Lavasphere - Capture sema codes with your cam phone. View.

Letsprovewhere - Update & share places you are going from your cell. View.

Livecastr~ - Broadcast live to the web using your cell cam. View.

Marketsimplified - Manage your investments (http://www.marketsimplified.com/mobile). View.

Mchek - Mobile payment solutions. View.

Megaphone - Multi-player IRL collaborative phone gaming platform. View.

Mobical - Backup mobile data for free. View.

Mobileox - Create a mobile start page & get group texting for free. View.

Mobtropolis - Photo scavenger hunt. View.

Mobypicture~* - Phlog your phonecam pics. View.

Mocospace - Mobile speed dialer. View.

Modazzle - Connect to your communities through your mobile device. View.

Modumobile** - Tiny mobile phone that you can stick into other cool devices. View.

Mofuse* - Mobilize your blog (cf. http://everything20.mofuse.mobi/). View.

Multigames - Upload & share flash games and mobile ringtones for free. View.

Musicstation* - Explore & share music playlists on your mobile. View.

Mvolve - Community for mobile telecom industry. View.

Networktext - Send free sms (group) messages (comes with 30 character advertisements; USA only). View.

Next2friends - Video sharing, messaging & broadcasting over your mobile. View.

Pathintelligence - Track cell owners' whereabouts & paths. View.

Peerme - VoIP, secure messaging & file transfer. View.

Playyoo - Explore, download, create, play, share & discuss mobile games (m.playyoo.com). View.

Pronto* - Unified internet communications. View.

Puddingmedia - Advertising solutions for voice & messaging services. View.

Pumbby - Get paid for ads on your mobile. View.

Qbichotels***~ - Chain of pod hotels (Cubi: Each Cubi features a practical configuration, with an extra long Hästens bed, Philippe Starck design bathroom elements, LCD TV, high-speed Internet, safe and an ingenious work-and-dine set). View.

Qelp~ - Customer selfcare platform for mobile applications. View.

Qik - Cast live video to the web from your phone. View.

Rememble - Scrap or share all your digital bits & pieces in one place. View.

Ribbit - Unified user steered phone services. View.

Rondee - Schedule free conference calls (North America). View.

Sendmerss - Send web content to your mailbox over rss. View.

Shifd - Shift between your computer and mobile seamlessly (hack!). View.

Spotmob - Upload & share mobile videos. View.

Stingnetworks - OverIP communication solutions. View.

Superlocal - Center yourself around channels, people and posts in the area where you are. View.

Symbianfreak** - Blog & forum reporting on & discussing mobile apps. View.

Taptu - Mobile search (taptu.mobi). View.

Telepixie - Get wake up calls & other value added phone services, for free or for a small fee. View.

Trackr~* - Put your tracks on Google maps with GPS & share them. View.

Transclick - Real-time translation of SMS, email and IM. View.

Tringme - Push & talk web-based SIP phone. View.

Ttsm~** - Let your sports activities be followed live on maps via GPS. View.

Uphoneblog - Send your cam pics & videos to your blog. View.

Vbuzzer - Cheap calling, faxing & IM. View.

Vello* - The phone conference that calls you. View.

Viatalk - Get a 10 minute free phone call. View.

Vipera - Create a blog & post multimedia over your cell (http://wap.vipera.com). View.

Vocab - Mobile e-learning solutions. View.

Wakerupper - Set up wake-up calls & other reminders (North America). View.

Wauw~ - Link your pc to your phone. View.

Wengo* - Share knowledge, get paid per minute. View.

Xo - Enterprise voice, VoIP & internet services. View.

Yap - Mobile voice2text services. View.

Ytpocket - Youtube for PPC & smartphone users. View.

Zing - Explore & share content delivered wirelessly. View.

Zumobi - Navigate & share web-based content on your mobile phone. View.

Zzzphone** - Customize your cellphone. View.

1-800-GOOG-411 - Google's voice & sms directory service. View.

2recall* - Record calls on any phone (USA). View.

411sync - Search, explore & sync your media over PC & mobile. View.

8zero2 - Search & connect to free & commercial wi-fi hotspots. View.

Admob - Buy or sell mobile advertising. View.

Agile - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Airdump - Search & connect to wi-fi hotspots in Great Britain. View.

Allfreecalls - Make free calls from the USA. View.

Allthat - Get alerts on new search results. View.

Anchorfree - Get a free wi-fi router, let passers by log in for free & make some money on advertising. View.

Android - Google's Open Handset Alliance Project. View.

Anothr - Manage & read feeds in Skype messenger. View.

Aptela - Voicemail2web. View.

Asterisk* - Open source phone system (free). View.

Atlarge - Read & write about web access at airports. View.

Avaya - Unified communications solution. View.

Backseatplayground - ARG using GPS for gameplay in real world (documentary video). View.

Barablu - Free or cheap calls, IM, chat etc. thru mobile & web. View.

Baresite - View websites fast & easy with your mobile. View.

Beetagg - Scan branded sema code with your cell to get access to website. View.

Bloglines - RSS readers (web based, mobile). View.

Bluenotenetworks - VoiP solution for tele-workers, remote offices & suppliers. View.

Bluepulse - Internet 2 cell phone. View.

Bok - Call long distance & international for a few cents (USA & Canada). View.

Bondd*~ - Call for free, get advertising. View.

Braincast - Voicemail2web. View.

Btopenzone - Search & connect to wi-fi hotspots. View.

Buildhardlink - Link to physical objects & access data over your cell phone. View.

Busythumbs - Post & share text & photos from cell to blog. View.

Buyyourfriendadrink - Buy or redeem drinks thru cell phone code. View.

Buzzwire - Explore, create & share video & audio on your mobile. View.

Byoms - Personalized IM search agents on your cell. View.

Callthefuture - Place future phone calls. View.

Callwave - Voicemail2text (USA). View.

Catalystmobile - Mobile music & entertainment solutions. View.

Ccube - Click to call tool. View.

Ceedo - Providing yourself a/o your employees with a mission specific mobile desktop that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.. View.

Cellblock - Explore, publish & share photos & videos through your mobile. View.

Cellcast - Record audio or video with your cell phone & share it with friends. View.

Cellitused** - Sell your cell. View.

Celljournalist - Sell your scoops live. View.

Cellswapper - Swap out or in a mobile phone contract. View.

Celltell - Send voice notes from your phone. View.

Chumby - Always-on wi-fi device to fetch & exchange media & to communicate. View.

Cingularmusicid - Have music recognized thru your cell. View.

Clearsms - Send SMS marketing messages to groups. View.

Click4me - Call, IM, email & get Office features for free (USA). View.

Clicktoscan - Scan, store & share documents with your phone camera. View.

Clicmobile - Mobile social software. View.

Clockspot - Let your staff manage & clock their time over web & phone. View.

Combots - Communicate & share emoti(c)ons 1 to 1. View.

Comvu - Broadcast video live from your cell. View.

Connectmeanywhere - Mobile & landlines over IP. View.

Craigsnumber - Get a temporary, anonymous phone number. View.

Create-ringtone - Create & send ringtones, wallpapers, videos etc. to your mobile phone. View.

Crickee - Send & receive sms for free. View.

Cspace - Platform for P2P communications. View.

Cuponyc - Search & connect to New York coffee shops with wi-fi. View.

Daem* - Take pics with your phone cam, have them recognized & win prizes. View.

Devicescape - Get cheap or free wi-fi access. View.

Digitalmagics - Stream your mobile videos over IPTV. View.

Dodgeball - Hook in with your mobile & meet friends. View.

Down2night - Subscribe for text alerts on what's happening tonight. View.

Dsimobile - Start an mvno network. View.

Earkive - Explore podcasts on your phone (cell & landline). View.

Earthcaller - Call any land number for free. View.

Eboyweb20poster - Web 2.0 cityscape illustration. View.

Efax - Web2fax. View.

Egress - Mobile RSS reader. View.

Embracemobile - Mobile survey solution. View.

Emoze - Mobile email and PIM data. View.

Entriq - Make money on your content. View.

Eqo - Call, text & IM your buddies on your mobile. View.

Essentialpim - Mobile personal information manager. View.

Ether - Set up your call centre, make money. View.

Evoice - Voicemail2web. View.

Eyejot - Communicate through video messaging. View.

Farcast~ - Manage, store & distribute content in all formats. View.

Fastap - Design better keypad interfaces for mobile devices. View.

Fidgt* - Create a dynamic address bookto keep track of your contacts across multiple social networks, and visualize what everybody is talking about. View.

Findmesomewifi - Search & connect to free & commercial wi-fi hotspots. View.

Flurry - Get your email & more on your current phone. View.

Flurrymail - Your email on your current mobile phone. View.

Fon*** - Share, buy, sell wi-fi connections. View.

Foonz - Make group calls for free (USA). View.

Free411 - Listen to ads & get free directory guide service. View.

Freeconferencecall* - Organize conf calls for free (USA terminated). View.

Freedigits - Stay anonymous with this VoiP service (USA). View.

Freerange - RSS reader (mobile). View.

Freewifiproject - Acrivate a free router & draw in new business, or get free wi-fi connectivity. View.

Frengo - Mobile entertainment & communications community. View.

Fring - Call for free on your 3G cell. View.

Frog - Mobile startpage. View.

Frucall - Mobile price comparison. View.

Funambol - Mobile OS project. View.

Funkycall - Record, upload, deploy & share your phone pranks. View.

Gabcast - Record podcasts on your phone. View.

Geezeo - Check your bank accounts & learn from other users - over mobile. View.

Getabuz - Create a voicemail with music. View.

Gizmo - Call Gizmo friends for free, or pay low rates. View.

Gizmocall - Browser-based voip. View.

Globalvillage - Make free calls to most other VoiP users in the world. View.

Globedialer - Make inexpensive international calls from your cell. View.

Glue - Publish & share your website's content on mobile devices. View.

Gmail - Webmail service. View.

Golivemobile - Search Wikipedia & RSS feeds over sms. View.

Good - Global mobile messaging for the enterprise. View.

Googlemobile - Search, email & rss reader. View.

Goosync - Synchronize your Google calendar with your mobile. View.

Gotalkmobile - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Gotvoice - Save & share your voicemail in email. View.

Gotzapp - Publish & share content thru your mobile. View.

Goware - Mobile startpage. View.

Grandcentral* - Get 1 phone number for all your calls. View.

Groovr - Text to & network with friends. View.

Gumiyo* - Post supply & demand ads & connect live with buyers & sellers through web or phone. View.

Gwifi - Search & connect to wi-fi hotspots. View.

Headmobile - Mobile job board matching service. View.

Heysan - Mobile instant messenger (web based). View.

Hipcast - Record & cast audio via browser or phone. View.

Hobnobster - Web and mobile community & social bookmarking. View.

Hotspot-directory - Search & connect to wi-fi hotspots. View.

Hotspothaven - Search & connect to wi-fi hotspots. View.

Hotspot-locations - Search & connect to free & commercial wi-fi hotspots. View.

Hotspotr - Wi-fi café hotspot map mash-up (USA). View.

Hubdog - Create your news channels online & on your pda. View.

Hullo* - Integrates soft, cell & landline phones. View.

Iboogie - Clustered search engine. View.

Icebreaker - Mobile community software. View.

Icqphone - Call at low rates. View.

Iglance - Push-to-talk videoconf and screen-sharing. View.

Ilovefreewifi - Contribute to dbase of free wi-fi hotspots in USA. View.

IM+ - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Iminent - Explore & rate apps that pimp your IM experience. View.

Imity - Sense phones (and friends) around you thru Bluetooth. View.

Immi - Media measurement linked to consumer action using cell phones. View.

Incident1 - Maps 911 calls (USA). View.

Intertalk*** - Unified communications, streaming & community solutions. View.

Invitika - Organize, report & share events thru your cell. View.

Iotum - Sorts & processes calls on relevance. View.

Ipeergrid - Collaboration platform for SME. View.

Ipoint - Video calling application platforms. View.

Iqzone - Upload photo & text for classified ads thru your cell phone. View.

Iskoot - Call people on your online buddylists. View.

Ispott - Mobile treasure hunt. View.

Iwatsu - Unified communications solution. View.

Jabbin - PC2PC voip (Jabber client). View.

Jabphone - Messenger2phone. View.

Jaduka - Call-us-now features for all online media. View.

Jaiku - Social phone directory showing where you are (Nokia S60 2nd ed.). View.

Jajah - Free phone calls, glocally. View.

Jangl - Hide your cell phone number. View.

Jaxtr - Link your phone to the web. View.

Jippy~ - Share your birthday calendar & get reminders to congratulate friends thru email, ecards or sms. View.

Jiwire - Locate & map wi-fi hotspots. View.

Joopz - Web2Text & Text2Web. View.

Jott - Voice & text 2 email & mobile. View.

Juicecaster - Upload & cast cell photos & videos. View.

Jumpclaimer - Inform your relatives about your whereabouts thru sms. View.

Jumptap - Mobile search solutions. View.

Juvino - Reroute your mobile calls and texting. View.

Kaywa - Publish & share multimedia on web & cell, using sema code. View.

Kerpass - Personal security software for web & mobile. View.

Kishkish - Detect lies thru phone. View.

Kwidge - Create funny edit of your photo & share it (PRS). View.

Kyte - Create & broadcast TV channels from web or mobile phone. View.

Lamosca - Location based mobile augmented reality games. View.

Lessnetworks - Provide wi-fi connectivity & make some money, or share wi-fi for free as a community member. View.

Lilisto - Social bookmarking. View.

Linknsurf - Track & share blogs on your mobile. View.

Litefeeds - RSS reader (mobile). View.

Loopt* - Find & share your friends & media on your mobile (cool demo!). View.

Loudtalks** - Web walkie-talkie. View.

Lowlandsguide~** - Explore the lay of the Lowland Festival with this mobile app. View.

Mabber - Mobile messenger. View.

Mamjam - Location based instant messaging. View.

Maxroam - Buy Sim (for unlocked phone!) and pay local phone rates wherever you are. View.

Mblox - Mobile wallet community. View.

Mbuzzy - Create & share ringtones, wallpapers and videos. View.

Medio - Mobile search & recommendation engine. View.

Meemo - Mobile email service. View.

Meetmoi - Mobile dating. View.

Meraki - Free wi-fi network. View.

Mfoundry - Develop & deploy mobile apps, rapido. View.

Mgmaps - Meta mobile map converter. View.

Mig33 - Chat, text & call your friends. View.

Millennialmedia - Mobile marketing solutions. View.

Minowireless - VoiP on your mobile. View.

Mixd - Text & send pics & vids to groups of friends. View.

Mizpee - Share information on nearby loos. View.

Mobango - Discover & share mobile media; ; marketplace for syndicated content. View.

Mobbah~ - Email or wap your photo + location. View.

Mobicious - Discover, create & share mobile content, services & apps. View.

Mobilcast - Search podcasts. View.

Mobile21 - Wiki about mobile 2.0 initiatives. View.

Mobilealibi* - Online safe deposit box. View.

Mobilecomplete - Test your mobile apps on all devices. View.

Mobiledistillery - Port mobile Java apps to 550 phones, rapido. View.

Mobileglu - Web services to your mobile. View.

Mobileinternetmanifesto - Vision on Mobile 2.0. View.

Mobilereporters~ - Upload & share your video. View.

Mobilicious - Mobile social bookmarking. View.

Mobilitybeat - Submit & rate mobile tech news. View.

Mobiluck - IM, text & share media on your mobile. View.

Mobio - Lean mobile lifestyle apps & content. View.

Mobispine - Mobile feed browser. View.

Mobispirit - Platform for mobile apps. View.

Mobitv - Get tv & radio on your cell & laptop. View.

Mobivox - Free or cheap international mobile calls. View.

Mobixie - Create, explore & share mobile content. View.

Moblee - Opt in to offers direct to your mobile. View.

Mobloco - Get daily text alerts on things happening near to you. View.

Moblr - View or upload & share mobile content. View.

Mobo - Order food on the go, get discounts & avoid waiting lines. View.

Mobsaver - Price comparison thru your cell. View.

Mobsaver - Price comparison thru your cell. View.

Mobunga - Share & discover multimedia from multi devices. View.

Mobyko - Back-up & store the content of your cell phone. View.

Mo-call - Make cheap international calls from your mobile. View.

Mojopac - Run any app on any device. View.

Mojungle - Live phlogging & vlogging. View.

Moka - Subscribe to book wisdom delivered thru sms. View.

Mosh - Upload, share & browse all your stuff on your mobile (Nokia). View.

Motask - Manage your mobile to-do lists. View.

Movamessenger - Meta mobile instant messenger. View.

Movoxx - Get localized & personalized alerts & coupons on your cell phone. View.

Mozeo - Text cast to & chat with your own group on your cell. View.

Mozes - Share information & people thru your mobile. View.

Mozesmob - Mobile Q&A. View.

Msgme - Communicate or advertise thru sms keyword service. View.

M-spatial - Mobile local search solutions. View.

Mturk* - Complete simple tasks & get paid. View.

Musicane - Buy or sell audio, video and ringtones. View.

Mycitymate - Social shopping (also mobile). View.

Mycoogee - Access, store & share your cell's contents (client). View.

Myfoodphone - Schedule a call to get you out of a situation. View.

Mygads - Compile info, access, update & share it thru phone, im, web, etc. View.

Mygamma - Mobile community. View.

Myhotspots - Wi-fi hotspots locator (UK). View.

Mymilemarker - Keep track of your mileage over your phone or Twitter. View.

Mymobilesite** - Mobile web server and site hosting (Nokia). View.

Mynumo - Create, share or sell mobile content. View.

Mysay - Communicate with friends through voice2web messages. View.

Mywaves - Send web videos to your phone. View.

Nabaztag* - Get info & communicate thru wi-fi rabbit device. View.

Nav4all~ - Mobile navigation app, claim & share places with friends. View.

Nellymoser - Mobile content delivery solutions. View.

Newsgator - RSS reader (web & mobile). View.

NIM - Wireless navigation apps for mobile phones. View.

Nimbuzz~ - Free mobile community calls, chats, IM. View.

Nonoh - VoiP. View.

Nophonetrees* - "Bringo" scans phonetrees, calls you back when it's your turn. View.

Nowpos - Voice2Email community. View.

Nowthen - Publish & share mobile pics. View.

Numpa~ - Dutch Twitter. View.

Nutrax - Monitor & modify eating habits with your camera phone. View.

Nutsie - Play your music on your cell. View.

Obopay - Global mobile transaction solutions. View.

Octopz - Collaborate on & in any file format. View.

Octro - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Ohdontforget - Send yourself sms reminders. View.

Ollo~ - Location based mobile dating. View.

Ooma - Free phone calls over landlines. View.

Openfire - Enterprise VoiP and chat solutions. View.

Openwave - Adaptive mobile suite for content, communications and context solutions. View.

Openwengo - Make free PC to PC video and voice calls over IP & communicate with your IM contacts. View.

Openwifispots - Search & connect to free wi-fi hotspots. View.

Operamini* - Mobile web browser. View.

Opuzzvoice - Make money on doing voice overs. View.

Orgoo - All your communications integrated in one dashboard. View.

Ownskin - Create, explore & share mobile themes. View.

Oz - Mobile IM, email & social networking solutions. View.

Packet8 - IPBX call center solution. View.

Palringo - Talk, text & IM with your friends over PC & cell. View.

Papla - Instant messenger (also mobile). View.

Partystrands* - Let partygoers interact with you & each other IRL, mobile & online. View.

Partysync - Meet & sms people. View.

Payforit - Mobile payment solution. View.

Payter~ - Pay with your mobile phone. View.

Peekamo - Peekamo - Mobile community. View.

Peerio - Server-free P2P communications. View.

Perooz - Mobile content portal. View.

Pheeder - Alert all your friends with 1 phone call. View.

Phling - Listen to, explore & share music on your mobile. View.

Phonefeeds - Read your feeds on your phone. View.

Phonegnome* - Add VoiP to your PSTN, SIPped. View.

Phonenumberscan - Reverse phone number search. View.

Phonevite - Record your voice to cellcast updates & reminders to groups. View.

Phonezoo - Create & share ringtones. View.

Photocrank - Add graphics & caption to your cell cam photos & share them. View.

Picostation - Create & share your phone cam videos. View.

Pingme - Manage your mobile to-do lists & get reminders. View.

Pixpulse - Upload & share photos and videos on your mobile. View.

Pixsense - Take, manage & share cell phone pics & videos. View.

Placesite - Wi-fi portal & location communities. View.

Planzo - Arrange meetings & events online & thru sms. View.

Playtxt - Socialize, flirt thru sms. View.

Plazes*** - Claim & share your locations. View.

Plusmo - Fast, customizable way to get the web on your phone. View.

Pocketfuzz - Create & sell your own ringtones. View.

Podlinez - Explore podcasts on your cell. View.

Project361 - Organize your projects on the web or on your pda. View.

Protus - Enterprise communication solutions. View.

Quickim - Mobile instant messenger (wi-fi). View.

Quicknews - RSS reader (mobile). View.

Qype - Find & recommend best spots in town. View.

Radar - Upload & share photos & videos from your cam phone. View.

Raketu - Free regional and international calls, VOD, IM, SMS, multi media player, podcasting, slide show & feeds from your PC & mobile. View.

Reactee - Order a T-shirt that people can respond on by sms. View.

Ready - Test how your site performs on mobile devices. View.


Relive - Geotag your mobile cam photos, then relive & share your trip. View.

Resellular - Get out of your cell contract, or take over a contract. View.

Ringcentral - Phone & fax services. View.

Rminder - Text2phone reminder service. View.

Robocal - Listen out your calendar by phone. View.

Rocketbux* - RocketEngine: deliver targeted offer to credit card holders' cell. RocketLaunch: sms couponing. RocketPower: local closed loops for mobile marketing. View.

Routecraft~ - Route planner; add your text to locations & share it; also for mobile. View.

Rtmaker - Make, upload & share ringtones. View.

Runfatboy - Manage your diet & fitness. View.

Saki - Mobile community. View.

Scanr* - Scan, copy, pdf, fax documents using your phone cam. View.

Screentonic - Mobile advertising platform. View.

Scribeit - Group chat thru mobile messaging. View.

Seven - Email etc delivered to your mobile. View.

Sharpcast - Synchronize all photos online & mobile. View.

Shazam - Have music recognized thru your cell. View.

Shotcode~ - Scan branded sema code with your cell to get access to website. View.

Shozu - Manage multimedia on your cell. View.

Sightspeed - Voice & video over IP. View.

Signalmap - Find or add reports on cell strength. View.

Simulsays - Voicemail2sms. View.

Simulscribe - Voicemail2text. View.

Sipphone - Make free Sip2Sip calls. View.

Sitòfono - Receive calls from your website. View.

Sky-click - VoIP callcenter solution. View.

Skyhook - Wi-fi positioning. View.

Skylook - Record & store all Skype communications. View.

Skype - Call, conference, messenger, file sharing. View.

Skywardmobile - Pimp up your old cell with new apps & content. View.

Slifter - Search stores for articles (web & mobile). View.

Smartpox - Sema-encode & share URLs, phone numbers & email addresses. View.

Snapvine - Send audio files to & communicate with your friends, on your cell. View.

Snapzone - Upload & share your mobile photos. View.

Snoozester - Manage your wake-up calls and get sms reminders. View.

Socialight - Share pictures & notes with your cell phone. View.

Soonr - Mobile2web & v.v.. View.

Souki*~ - Get better search result through your taste mates. View.

Soziety - Language-learning social network based on Skype. View.

Spark - Instant messaging & free phone calls. View.

Splashblog - Publish & share mobile photos. View.

Splashdata - Mobile tools for media, payments, shopping…. View.

Srobbin - Search Google Video on your cell. View.

Starhome~ - Mobile roaming solutions. View.

Stufflinker - Mobile and web bookmarking. View.

Sullr* - Reversed mobile phone number search. View.

Supcast - Publish your media online thru your cell. View.

Swarmteams* - Solutions to set up & manage mobile One2- or Many2Many community communications. View.

T9space* - 10x faster browsing on your cell. View.

Talkety - Cheap calls via any device. View.

Talkplus - Get a second mobile number on your cell. View.

Talkster - Mobile2IM for free. View.

Tapatap - Cross media contest community (http://waptapatapcom/tapatap-userwap/). View.

Tapgad - Get & reply to email thru sms. View.

Tappity - Submit, explore & rate mobile-friendly web pages, and create your mobile startpage. View.

Tapuxmobile* - Mobile fun & community content & apps. View.

Teleflip - PC2Text. View.

Telepo - Fixed to mobile convergence solutions. View.

Tellme - Search businesses thru voice, get rich info or text back. View.

Text2store - Get best offers & coupons on your mobile. View.

Textamerica - Mobile blog. View.

Textmemos - Send (scheduled) group messages & reminders. View.

Textpayme - Pay with your phone. View.

Thatschillin - Submit & rate trivial news & videos. View.

Thinkingvoice - Publish this click-to-call widget on your blog. View.

Tictap - Price comparison for mobile. View.

Tiggdo - Personal mobile portal. View.

Tipicme - Mobile instant messenger (Jabber client). View.

Tistory - Mobile Web 2.0 logo cloud. View.

Tjat - Mobile instant messaging. View.

Tokbox - Videocall tool. View.

Treemo - Explore, create & share video, audio, photography, words & visual art (web & mobile). View.

Trillian - Instant messenger. View.

Trixbox - Open source (Asterisk) PBX telephone solutions. View.

Truphone - Call & SMS other users for free on your mobile. View.

Turbomsn - Mobile instant messenger. View.

Twistedpair - IP-based group communications solutions. View.

Twttr - Share where you are thru your cell phone. View.

Txtms - Share your contact data through your mobile. View.

Ulocate - Mobile location based services solutions. View.

Umundo - Upload & share mobile videos and pics. View.

Unwiredbuyer - Voice-based commerce platform. View.

Unyte - Enterprise instant messaging & web conferencing. View.

Upingme - Classified advertising from your mobile phone. View.

Utterz - Use your mobile to publish your voice, videos, pictures & text on your blog. View.

Velvetpuffin* - Mobile community. View.

V-enable - Mobile speech search. View.

Vephone - Free or cheap calls over IP. View.

Visto - Mobile Office solutions for operators. View.

Vixo - Send, get & forward sms messages. View.

Vizrea - Upload & share (camera phone) photo content. View.

Vmukti - Audio & video conferencing over web, PSTN and mobile. View.

Vocalocity - Micro enterprise PBX. View.

Voice20manifest - The end of telecom as we know it, the dawn of its total convergence with the web (cf. follow-up article: http://saunderslog.com/2006/09/30/voice-20-a-year-later/). View.

Voice-pay - Voice rec based payment system. View.

Voicequilt - Create a present with your loving voice (buy phone time). View.

Voicesignal - Voice2Test solution for your mobile. View.

Voipcheap - Free calls over IP. View.

Voipdiscount - Free calls & SMS over IP. View.

Vpodtv - Create & share your (mobile) tv channel. View.

Vradio - Turn your cell into a worldwide radio. View.

Vringo - Share video ringtones with your friends when you call them. View.

Vyke - Make cheap international calls over PC & mobile. View.

Wadja - Use & share the web on your mobile phone. View.

Wambo - IM, group messaging & media sharing. View.

Watchmedoing - Upload & share mobile videos. View.

Wattpad - Publish & share stories on your cell phone. View.

Waymarkr - Turn your mobile into a life phlogging wearable. View.

Webreminder - Send yourself email & sms reminders. View.

Wefi - Spot & map wi-fi access points. View.

Wehanghere - Find, message & meet people in your favourite places (London). View.

Wengophone - Meta instant messager with conference and video calls. View.

Wesquare - Sell your knowledge over Skype. View.

Whisher - Share free wi-fi. View.

Widsets - Create mobile widgets. View.


Wifi411 - Search & connect to free & commercial wi-fi hotspots. View.

Wifinder - Find wi-fi hotspots. View.

Wifitastic - Turn your wi-fi connection into a profit center. View.

Wikipediamobile - Wap version of Wikipedia (by Sevenval). View.

Winksite - Create & share mobile content. View.

Wizzl~ - Free calls to other Wizzlers, cheap calls with rest of the world + games, video & music. View.

Xanco~ - Mobile phlog & vlog. View.

Xfire - Instant messenger for gamers. View.

Xlr8mobile - Mobile content distribution solutions. View.

Yahoomobile - Search, email & news. View.

Yehba - Instant messenger. View.

Yeigo - Talk, IM & text for free to other users. View.

Yoc* - Share media with your friends thru web & mobile (German). View.

Yodio - Record & publish audio anywhere from your phone. View.

Yomedia~ - Upload, explore & share mobile media. View.

Yoo-hoo - Put a Yoo-hoo in your signature, get an alert if someone tries to reach you. View.

Yoomba - Email2IM&2phone (free). View.

Youmail - Record unique voicemail recordings for anyone that calls you. View.

Younevercall - Create your own ringtones (for Linux users). View.

Yourbillbuddy - Find the best mobile plan. View.

Youtubemobile - Youtube on your cell. View.

Zakly - Spread news & advertising via your mobile. View.

Zannel - Publish & share videos & photos on your mobile. View.

Zaptxt - RSS to email, sms, messenger. View.

Zedge - Upload, explore & share mobile media. View.

Zemble - Communicate, collaborate & connect thru group text. View.

Zeosoft - Personal mobile webserver application. View.

Zinadoo - Design, build & host mobile website. View.

Zingku - Text2website content sharing. View.

Zlango - Icon language for sms. View.

Zong - Create and make money on mobile services in 10 countries in under 10 minutes. View.

Zozoc - Free international SMS. View.

Zyb - Store, manage & share your cell's data. View.

Zypsy - Post & get matches for classified ads thru cell & email. View.

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